Amany Abd El-Hafez

Recruitment Specialist

Amany is an organized and knowledgeable HR specialist at White Collars. Multi-tasking, planning, and communication skills are all characteristics that accompanied Amany’s career, since her past work as an Insurance Verification Specialist. Amany has acquired time management skills through scheduling and arranging the hiring process, this helped her to look precisely at the hiring stages through a time scope and how much time each stage should cost; as time is money by the end.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management. She’s used to dealing with HRIS and Applicant Tracking Systems. Amany is now putting full hiring strategies that start with intensive research and end with hiring the candidate that accurately fits in. Once before, she was a procurement officer where she excelled in reviewing products and services, that’s why Amany now analyzes candidates, filters them, and indicates if they’re suitable to produce the services with the quality needed by the client. 

amany Amany Abd El-Hafez
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Work With Us

At Whitecollars, we do not work, we play to win. Every day brings a new challenge to overcome. Every day brings an opportunity to learn. Every day brings another chance to make difference in people’s life. We are always looking for passionate and innovative individuals who are ready to play hard.