Why Exit Interviews Are Good for Your Business

The unexpected departure of key employees leaves business owners feeling dreadful and even with a feeling of loss. You might be tempted to ask the employees to stay but that’s not the solution. The departing employee has knowledge and insights about your company and conducting an exit interview/ survey will help you know what the […]

Importance of Employee Satisfaction Survey

The employee survey should be the backbone of every employee engagement effort. It is important that an organization conducts employee engagement surveys and ensures they take action after the survey. For your survey to drive your business you need to be consistent while carrying out the surveys, be accountable about the results and take action. […]

Tips to consider when changing jobs

You might be in your current job waiting for a paycheck each week, month, and year feeling so burnt out of work that you feel like quitting your job. You are probably thinking of changing your career or just changing jobs. What factors do you consider in this situation?  This article is for you! Define […]

How to Encourage Diversity in the Hiring Process

Workplace diversity has become a top priority and hot-button issue for every company seeking to hire. It has been so difficult to accomplish this. Is it because of talent pipeline issues or just unnoticeable biases? In this article, we focus on how you can encourage diversity in your hiring process.   Make diversity and inclusion […]

Recruiting Mistakes Most Companies Make

You have lost an employee but the pressure to hire someone else is so high since you want to relieve your employees of the extra duties they have taken up to cover for the open position. There is a thin line between making a good and bad hire. So when recruiting be sure to avoid […]

How to Tell if You Are in the Wrong Career

  You spend most of your adult life doing your job, but are you in the right career? Work satisfaction has an impact on your mental health and what you need to know is that knowing which career you fit into just doesn’t happen instantly. You will need to undergo a series of trials and […]