Your Complete Guide to Writing A Professional Email

how to write a professional email

Sending a professional email has different purposes that include exchanging information, putting an appointment for a meeting, asking for a salary raise, or even applying for a job. Being proficient at writing emails is a quality that will be needed whether you’re a candidate, employee, or entrepreneur. Let’s know how to write a professional email […]

What Are KPI Metrics and How to Measure Them in Your Company

An employee that reviews graphs and charts that represent KPI metrics

Is your business moving on the right track toward the desired direction? Or things are not going too well? Every business needs distinctive metrics that define its position from its goals. The KPI Metrics are the best tools that give your business the 360 overview it needs for better performance. Which KPIs are most important? […]

How to Form a SWOT Analysis Matrix for Your Business

A woman’s hands holding a notebook that includes SWOT Analysis main factors.

As a manager, you always take critical decisions, they are supported by numbers and facts, still, you need a guide that makes you sure about them. Here comes the role of SWOT Analysis. A tool that illustrates the business elements and categorises them through success and failure factors. So, how can you get the most […]

The 3 Most Important HR Functions to Develop Employees and Companies

A group interview that illustrates a part of hr functions during recruiting

Any business, to prove its effectiveness, needs a strategy for human resources management, to guide individuals and teams in an optimized way. This encourages staff to give more effort and achieve better performance. What are particularly the HR functions that produce a cohesive company that seeks its goals? HR Functions Definition Human resources management is […]

Entrepreneurship Development: How to Manage Your Startup Effectively

An entrepreneur’s hand with a light bulb that illustrates a new idea.

Starting your own business is a perfect decision if you have the resources and the passion for the core idea of this business, however, entrepreneurship development needs skills and steps you should take to make use of the business and gain more profit. How should you manage your startup effectively? Importance of entrepreneurship development Starting […]

A Guide to Increase Employee Productivity in 3 Steps

Teamwork is always a corner stone for employee productivity

Many business owners and managers suffer time theft, which is the usage of work hours in a less efficient way, this makes tasks take longer time to get done and general status of slothfulness will control the employees. So, what are the factors that make employees more productive? and how to provide them? What is […]

3 Best Practices to Avoid Work Burnout

An employee that suffers from work burnout

Feeling consumed? Out of energy? Dragging yourself to attend at the workplace? Don’t know where your self-motivation has gone? All these symptoms are part of the state of job burnout. Why could an employee suffer from such a condition? How to avoid it? How to fix that if it happens? Work burnout diagnosis It’s a […]

How to Demand a Pay Rise From Your Employer

Many columns of coins that illustrate the pay rise as a percentage of current salary

A pay rise could be a hard process for some to start; it might consume much effort, time, and even many emails without having the expected result. Like everything else in career life, it needs some professionalism and smart intelligence to gain what you target. Read this article to know the best ways of asking […]

Are Negotiation Skills Important for Every Employee? 5 Points of Proof

A hand shake that implies that a settlement has been reached based on negotiation skills

Employees should have good negotiation skills to help themselves and the business they work at. Excellent negotiators will get the job done by gaining the maximum benefits from the other party without paying much money and by creating a win-win deal that makes everybody satisfied. What are the negotiation skills? And how to make the […]

5 Steps to Improve Your Attention to Detail Skills

A tablet screen that shows the skills as a title including components to illustrate attention to detail skills

Every company seeks a zero mistake environment, as a zero blunder environment produces a more productive workplace, in which each employee does the requested task only once with limited notice. This environment incubates human resources who have high attention to detail skills. What is attention to detail? And how to improve it to become your […]