What Are KPI Metrics and How to Measure Them in Your Company

An employee that reviews graphs and charts that represent KPI metrics

Is your business moving on the right track toward the desired direction? Or things are not going too well? Every business needs distinctive metrics that define its position from its goals. The KPI Metrics are the best tools that give your business the 360 overview it needs for better performance. Which KPIs are most important? […]

How to Form a SWOT Analysis Matrix for Your Business

A woman’s hands holding a notebook that includes SWOT Analysis main factors.

As a manager, you always take critical decisions, they are supported by numbers and facts, still, you need a guide that makes you sure about them. Here comes the role of SWOT Analysis. A tool that illustrates the business elements and categorises them through success and failure factors. So, how can you get the most […]

The 3 Most Important HR Functions to Develop Employees and Companies

A group interview that illustrates a part of hr functions during recruiting

Any business, to prove its effectiveness, needs a strategy for human resources management, to guide individuals and teams in an optimized way. This encourages staff to give more effort and achieve better performance. What are particularly the HR functions that produce a cohesive company that seeks its goals? HR Functions Definition Human resources management is […]

Entrepreneurship Development: How to Manage Your Startup Effectively

An entrepreneur’s hand with a light bulb that illustrates a new idea.

Starting your own business is a perfect decision if you have the resources and the passion for the core idea of this business, however, entrepreneurship development needs skills and steps you should take to make use of the business and gain more profit. How should you manage your startup effectively? Importance of entrepreneurship development Starting […]

A Guide to Increase Employee Productivity in 3 Steps

Teamwork is always a corner stone for employee productivity

Many business owners and managers suffer time theft, which is the usage of work hours in a less efficient way, this makes tasks take longer time to get done and general status of slothfulness will control the employees. So, what are the factors that make employees more productive? and how to provide them? What is […]

What Are the 5 Stages of Tribal Leadership?

Tribal leadership is the method that moves along every stage your workforce passes by

Could you lead a team? If it’s “yes”, Could you use the same methods for “Tribal Leadership”? A tribe is more powerful than a team as it includes a bigger variety of roles and responsibilities; as well as, it contains a greater number of individuals that vary between 20 and 150 persons. Now, it’s time […]

Why Exit Interviews Are Good for Your Business

The unexpected departure of key employees leaves business owners feeling dreadful and even with a feeling of loss. You might be tempted to ask the employees to stay but that’s not the solution. The departing employee has knowledge and insights about your company and conducting an exit interview/ survey will help you know what the […]

Importance of Employee Satisfaction Survey

The employee survey should be the backbone of every employee engagement effort. It is important that an organization conducts employee engagement surveys and ensures they take action after the survey. For your survey to drive your business you need to be consistent while carrying out the surveys, be accountable about the results and take action. […]

How to Encourage Diversity in the Hiring Process

Workplace diversity has become a top priority and hot-button issue for every company seeking to hire. It has been so difficult to accomplish this. Is it because of talent pipeline issues or just unnoticeable biases? In this article, we focus on how you can encourage diversity in your hiring process.   Make diversity and inclusion […]

Recruiting Mistakes Most Companies Make

You have lost an employee but the pressure to hire someone else is so high since you want to relieve your employees of the extra duties they have taken up to cover for the open position. There is a thin line between making a good and bad hire. So when recruiting be sure to avoid […]