A Guide to Increase Employee Productivity in 3 Steps

Many business owners and managers suffer time theft, which is the usage of work hours in a less efficient way, this makes tasks take longer time to get done and general status of slothfulness will control the employees. So, what are the factors that make employees more productive? and how to provide them?

What is employee productivity?

High employee productivity simply means the efficient usage of resources, which are time and effort, that results in high-quality accurate deliverables, free of mistakes, and are completed within the time frame assumed. 

If a manager waits for an x number of deliverables from an employee during a certain period of time, and the employee delivers less than x, then the productivity is low, if the employee went the extra mile and exceeded the manager’s expectations then the employee productivity is extra high.

Employee Productivity vs. Effectiveness 

Before we go through the importance of productivity, we shall differentiate between two expressions that cause a lot of misconception. Is there a difference between productivity and effectiveness? The relation between them is complementary, as productivity concerns more about the amount of work done during a certain amount of time, while effectiveness refers to the efforts consumed during that time, high effectiveness results in high productivity.

Factors affecting employee productivity

The factors that affect productivity vary in their sources, nature, and way of dealing with them. We could simply categorise them into two types of factors, internal factors that we could control, and others are external factors that we can not control.

Employee mental health

Protecting your employees from too much stress will keep their productivity more stable. Stresses could transfer your employee into a status of burnout that would severely affect your business. The part that you can’t control as a manager comes from the employee’s personal life, he has other stresses outside the workplace that he should deal with, however, your role is to guide him to keep these stresses outside and never let them in, except for an issue the HR department can help him with.


When an operation becomes more difficult to manage, engage with, or complete, your team’s energy gets drained faster, which negatively affects other work processes your business needs to operate. It’s an internal factor you can diminish its areas of effect by making every task as simple as it could be, where it is reviewed, modified, and finally delivered. Define each step, put clear borders, and implement as fast as you can to save effort and time.

Work environment  

Whether the work is on-site or remote, the environment that the employee works in is an essential element for productivity. At the office, you should introduce a calm environment that helps employees to reach a deep working status, every individual knows every task he should work on, and using a task management system will always diminish chats and side talks. Setting a meeting should be in a conservative way, where there is a matter that is urgent, important, or new to illustrate and discuss with your team. 

In the case of remote work, contrary to on-site work, more communication is preferable, to protect your employees from the feeling of working on deserted islands, more meetings are encouraged here to remind employees of the business compass direction from time to time. You have to check the elements that compose the employee’s workspace, does it have a strong network? Is it a suitable environment for work? You should give your employee the advice and recommendations that will help him work better and be more productive. 

3 Major steps to increase employee productivity

Many professionals are always looking for ways to improve their team’s productivity. Here are some hacks to get:

Always inspire your employees

Like a conductor, you always need to know the best way every individual employee should follow using his instrument to make the symphony have the right rhythm and produce the required sounds. That’s why you should guide your employees to the vision the business needs to achieve, lead your team individually and let them know their roles and objectives from a bigger picture view.

Personalise dealing with each employee

Inspiring the employee requires better knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses, these elements could be perfectly analysed through the SWOT matrix. Based on this matrix of each employee, you can put employees that have common weaknesses and strengths in categories, so that you can set the suitable methods of motivation that will result in higher productivity. 

Properly build your team

Building a cooperative team is always a cornerstone for productivity. If an individual gets bored or less productive, his colleagues will motivate him to work hard, how could you reach this condition? Simply, make team-building exercises part of the work environment. During breaks, use part of the time in games that trigger enthusiasm, teamwork, creativity, and problem-solving, this makes your team energetic all the time.

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