Recruiting Mistakes Most Companies Make

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You have lost an employee but the pressure to hire someone else is so high since you want to relieve your employees of the extra duties they have taken up to cover for the open position. There is a thin line between making a good and bad hire. So when recruiting be sure to avoid these mistakes:


Writing a weak and ambiguous job description.

Remember, a job description is the means by which you are selling your company to the top candidates and so, it should be strong. Ensure that all duties and responsibilities of the job are clearly stated. Describe how a day of the candidate will look like when hired and tasks they will be expected to perform. List all skills required to perform the duties and now wait for the candidates to show their competence by explaining their experience during the interview.


Using the same old platforms to advertise.

To get different results, you need to cast your net wider and hence try to look for other job boards that may help you get the best candidates. If you are recruiting for a specific position, research job boards that are specific to that industry and post there. This way, your chances of getting quality candidates are higher.


Hanging too much on the degree.

Education should never be the main emphasis when recruiting because the candidates might have scored good grades but without relevant experience. Focus on what the candidate can do and their previous work experience.


Talking more in the interview.

The purpose of the interview is to listen to the candidate and deduce important information from them. Make sure you listen carefully and ask open-ended questions that force an explanation. This will help you make good judgment when it comes to hiring.


Not talking to references.

Calling someone outside your organization and getting their opinion will help you know if you are making a hiring mistake. Ensure you talk to the references before sending the offer letter to the candidate.

Avoid hiring for favors.

You know your company culture and what you are looking for so don’t simply hire someone as a favor because you know them unless they fit the criteria and specifications you are looking for.

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