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Our client is a training consultancy that provides technical training and consulting services for oil and gas companies. They were looking to hire 60 Oil & Gas Consultants across different fields to achieve the proper coverage for their client’s training needs, and be fully capable of delivering the targeted courses they have assigned the project to us for our long recorded experience and excellent hires we succeeded to manage.

Rise to the Challenge

Our client needed us to hire 60 Oil & Gas Consultants, who specialized in different majors that included: (Reservoir engineering, Formation evaluation, Production engineering, Drilling, and Well engineering. The suitable candidates were required to have extensive experience in providing on-site training sessions, as well as, an average of 20 years of experience in the oil & gas industry, and a PhD, or a master’s degree holder. The major challenge we faced in this project was the high number of high calibers consultants needed within a limited period of time. We solved this issue by doubling our efforts, where hard work is always our main pillar.


In the sourcing process, we used every available international portal and job board, and we targeted professors and academicians who teach at reputable universities. We also used our networks that could provide qualified referrals. For our existence in every community, we looked for the best-fit candidates in the oil engineering community we exist in. We headhunted the candidates across 13 different countries that encompassed: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, The USA, UAE, Oman, Russia, Australia, Kuwait, Qatar, The UK, Malaysia and Canada.


We conducted the needed interviews to move through the screening phase, each interview took 40-60 minutes, and checked how the candidate is skillful in presenting and explaining concepts, and how the candidate transfers the piece of information to the learner. The assessment that we prepared for each recommended candidate included the technical background, interpersonal skills, willingness to accommodate and flexibility, and business acumen. All of these elements were monitored and scored through a numeric value, which positively guided our client to decide whether to move forward with the shortlisted candidate.

Project Deliverables

We successfully completed the project. Our team of professional recruiters achieved the target within the given period. We hired 60 Oil & Gas Instructors/Consultants from 13 different locations around the world.

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3 Days
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“I’m quite pleased with how Whitecollars has performed for us.”

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