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Account Managers Recruitment for an E-commerce Website



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Glasgow, Scotland


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Our client is a superb marketing and advertising agency that uses its expertise, knowledge, and tools to optimise its client’s brand awareness, enhance consideration, and trigger buyers to convert; our client achieves the needed marketing objectives through Amazon advertising. This gives it the opportunity to deal with a wide range of business clients from different industries and various countries.It was expanding in the UK market, so, needed 3 Account Managers based in Glasgow, Scotland to develop marketing campaigns and implement effective strategies, in addition to building relationships with the clients based on deep listening and intelligent communication, and meeting their needs and budget limits. Each Account Manager serves the clients using a certain native tongue; French, German, and Spanish.

Rise to the Challenge

Scotland contains a rich pool of job opportunities, especially in Edinburgh and Glasgow. On another hand, Glasgow has a narrow pool of candidates that have either French, German, or Spanish native tongues. Candidates usually have insecurities toward startups, so when it comes to job security our client from the candidate’s point of view might not be an appealing opportunity. Recruiting 3 Account Managers with 2-3 years of experience in the marketing field could be easily done, but in this case, with the tough qualifications and bounded geographic location, it turned into a big challenge that needed to invest all our efforts, time, and knowledge. Whitecollars faced the challenge and sought to fill the needed vacancies with the right candidates.


We conducted weekly meetings with our client stakeholders, including Directors of Client Success and Talent Partners, to fully understand their needs, make suggestions, and define outputs. We used an Applicant Tracking System ATS integrated with the client-used software to include them in the recruiting process step by step. 90% of the candidates we reached out to were passive candidates, we’re good at finding them, like picking jewels out of the soil. We sourced nearly 700 candidates to go through our recruitment and selection process.


Sourcing candidates from Scotland made us target professional platforms and portals where well-educated individuals are available. We headhunted candidates who are already working for our client’s competitors as they have the exact industry experience. Pre-screening included different steps we always develop according to the nature of the vacancy and the project elements. Here, we conducted a video call interview to validate the experience of the candidate and qualifications and assess the interpersonal and soft skills. As usual, we depended on competency-based interviews, so we assess candidates using situational and hypothetical questions.

Project Deliverables

We delivered our shortlisted candidates with detailed feedback including recommendations, salary expectations, notice period, and the candidates’ motive to move. The success that accompanied this project encouraged our client to work with us on new projects that targeted Account Managers and other positions in the UK.

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Time To Fill

40 days
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Client's Feedback

“The workflow was seamless and they were integrated with our processes and systems.”


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