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Full-Stack Developer Recruitment for a Barber Platform

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A barber platform

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Our client is an app that helps men to find the best barbers near them to call. He had a terrible experience with a software agency that was responsible for the development of the application.
The client wasn’t satisfied with the progress and work done; that’s why he decided to hire a Full-Stack Developer on a contract basis to develop the app. Our top-quality recruitment services and reasonable fees, which are still rarely found in the market, were the main reasons why the client assigned the project to us.

Rise to the Challenge

While searching for suitable candidates we’ve noticed that many candidates were not interested in working on a project that’s done by others, and they prefer to start from scratch. Therefore; we intensified our efforts to source candidates globally via national and international job boards, and portals.


We had to expand the pool of our candidates by running our search across different countries and regions where we can find a high supply of cost-effective Full-stack Developers and also located within the timezone of our client and match the offered budget


We analysed the way that the candidate thinks and manages his/her work. The client provided us with the progress and delivered work developed by the former development agency, to show it to the high potential candidates and offer suggestions based on their knowledge, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and experience.

Candidates who gave brilliant suggestions and invested efforts in them were our top recommendations, where they audited every detail in the app and gave a full plan for development to improve the quality according to a timeline with clear milestones. This was the major test for the candidate, and individuals who achieved success in it were included in the shortlist.

Project Deliverables

The shortlist we delivered included our comments and reviews about each candidate, this made our client take decisions and perform selections based on facts and clear insights. On the other hand, candidates were fully aware of the job and its responsibilities including documentation of finished steps, development of the app, and enhancement of the user experience.

Project Metrics

Probation Period Success


Client Selection Rate


Time To Fill

40 days
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Client Feedback

“They offer five start service and their goal is to please the customer.”

To check our client’s feedback, you can visit our profile on Clutch

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