Solution WE HIRE FOR ATITUDE AND TRAIN FOR SKILL dummy Culture Code dummy Culture Code Solution dummy Culture Code We Learn As We Go At Whitecollars, learning is a never-ending process. We enjoy learning every day - new experiences, new challenges, new mistakes, new clients. We believe that by constant learning, you’re able to be a better professional and colleague. When it comes to learning, we are always hungry for more, and we’ll also support you in learning things outside the work environment.

We are inspired by people who never stopped learning in their life, just like Flo Meiler, a woman who in her 80s became a track and field star and now holds several records in pole vaulting. That’s exactly how we see ourselves - always learning and improving!
Diversity dummy Culture Code Blameless Environment To grow and learn, we need to make mistakes. By blaming someone, we believe you’re taking away the opportunity to thrive both professionally and personally from that person. Even most successful individuals and organizations make mistakes. Did you know that NASA lost a $125 million orbiter in space because of using the wrong units of measurements?

Mistakes happen. And when they do happen, we expect you to be responsible, mindful, and creative when solving them. To us, the way you react when something happens is more important than knowing who to blame. We think of mistakes as learning lessons that provoke us to be better the next time.
Solution dummy Culture Code Tech Passionate Our passion for people is intertwined with our passion for technology. The reason behind our love for technology is that it makes our work easier and more efficient. Each piece of software or a platform that might help us work smarter and not harder will be implemented in the company to ensure our team has all the tools they need at their disposal.

We’re on top of all the technology trends and news, and we’re always eager to implement a new tech solution in the business and transform completely the way we work.
Diversity dummy Culture Code You Are the Owner We take great pride in our sense of responsibility. Handling all of our assignments with great responsibility is just one of the things that make us unique, but it also gives us the freedom to choose when and where we’ll be responsible.

Responding to client calls while sitting on a tropical beach and enjoying the sun? No problem. Having interviews in the airport while waiting for your plane to take off? Sounds perfect to us! It’s your job and you know when and where to get it done.
Diversity dummy Culture Code Love Challenges We’re not afraid of walking for days up the mountain because we know once we conquer it, the view will be spectacular! We smile in the face of challenges knowing that we have a solution for any challenge, no matter what it is. Challenges make us thrive and we know that each time we overcome a new challenge, we will come out of it stronger, wiser, and more motivated.

We know that the only way to the top of the mountain is up and to get there, it will not always be easy. That’s why we help each other to adopt a problem-solving attitude and start seeing obstacles on the way as new opportunities.
Solution dummy Culture Code We Are not Office Employees You can’t imagine yourself working in an office from 9 to 5? We completely understand you - we can’t either. We have embraced the digital nomad lifestyle and we’ll encourage you to do the same. Work from wherever you feel comfortable and productive - your home office, nearby coffee shop, hotel, tropical island, safari in Africa, pyramids of Egypt, …

Being forced to work 9 to 5 at your desk will probably not produce better results than working from anywhere. That’s why say goodbye to any restraints or limitations that might negatively affect the way we work and interact with our clients. As long as you’re responsible and deliver everything on time, we’re more than happy to talk to you from any place in the world.
Diversity dummy Culture Code We Are Not Managers Management is doing things right, and leadership is doing the right things. That is the reason why we don’t hire managers, we hire leaders who inspire, guide, and educate others with their own example. For us, it’s all about inspiring one another, and simply giving commands to others is everything but inspiring, right? Our leaders will work closely with the team instead of sitting in their office alone sending bossy emails.

We put teamwork above hierarchy and we don’t believe in fancy titles. Each of our employees has its unique journey and our only goal is to make sure they succeed in it. Our leadership role model is definitely the greatest player of our time, Lionel Messi. His team players even called him the ‘silent leader’ because he used his actions to guide others, not his words.
Solution dummy Culture Code Problem-solving Attitude We always get things done and we don’t use excuses. Even if we don’t have all the resources we need, we will find an alternative way to still get it done. We can lack information, access, people or any other needed resource to complete our tasks successfully, but we’re determined to always find our way around it and make it work.

Just like in the movie Cast Away, in which Chuck Nolad built his entire life on an abandoned, deserted island without any resources or support. He never gave up and he made the most of his days by being resourceful. After all, if you never stop looking, you will find it - it just takes patience and persistence.
Diversity building blocks for career planning and development with whitecollars No Politics But Teamwork Simply put, we hate politics. When working at Whitecollars, we try to distance ourselves from anything that has to do with politics. We want to succeed with our team, and being a solo player is not in our vocabulary. Our team consists of individuals who understand that teamwork makes the dream work, and these individuals are keen to succeed together.

You probably know that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin were the first two men who walked on the moon, but did you know they had a team of 30,000 members working on the Apollo launch? Anything that’s valuable in this world was created by more than just one person, and that’s why our focus is on seeing our entire team excel over and over again.
Solution dummy Culture Code We Love Fun We’re not afraid of having fun at work. Many companies will pretend they love seeing their employees having fun and deep within be concerned if it will affect the business results. We think it’s quite the opposite! You have to enjoy something to care about being good at it.

The moments where we’re enjoying ourselves with our team are precious to us. Seeing our team with a smile on their face means we’re doing everything right. Every month, we organize a team gathering and enjoy different activities and every three months, we organize a team to travel to a new place. We also give our employees an opportunity to hang out at co-working places to get the work done and, of course, have fun!
Diversity dummy Culture Code We Hate Mr., Ms. Or Sir You don’t like formality? Great, because we hate it! You will never hear any of us calling each other Mr., Ms., or Sir. Avoiding calling each other by our names creates unnecessary barriers between us, and we want all of us to feel respected and important in the company.
We only work with humans, and humans are called by their names. So, leave the formality behind once you start working with us, and don’t stress yourself with these insignificant details.

You will work with people who just like you enjoy bonding over shared interests and love for their job, not nervously looking for your place in the strict company hierarchy. Don’t worry, we don’t have Queen Elizabeth or Prince Charles working with us, we can all be casual!
Solution dummy Culture Code It’s A Journey We don’t think of work as a boring process that lacks interaction and dynamic. For us, work means being on a constant journey of new experiences, obstacles, targets, and collective growth. We know there are ups and downs, so we never stop learning and sharpening our skills.
On this journey, we’re looking forward to meeting new people, discovering new things we never thought of, having fun, and enjoying our time together.

We can’t stand being stuck in one place and not progressing, so we’re always looking for new opportunities that will inspire us to do even better tomorrow. Our philosophy is based on always thinking about what’s ahead of us and how well we are prepared for it, and to do that, you’ll need to be excited about what’s coming next.
Make a Choice Always remember at Whitecollars, we do not work, we play to win. dummy Culture Code Let’s achieve great things together! Every day brings a new challenge to overcome. Every day brings an opportunity to learn. Every day brings another chance to make a difference in people’s lives. open vacancies
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