EVP What is it? & All That You Need To Know About It.

HR employee recruiting a candidate and smiling at the meeting

Employee Value Proposition (EVP)? If you seek to hire top talents that deliver work of high quality and distinctive value, you should ask yourself first what distinctive value would you deliver them in return. Answering this question will encourage you to outline your employee value proposition EVP. What is Employee Value Proposition (EVP)? And what […]

Your Ultimate Guide to Employee Referral Programs in 2023

Employee Referral Programs

Good people always know other good people. Remember this quote when launching an employee referral program. Recruitment has many strategies, employee referral recruitment is one of the best ways that proves its efficiency most of the time. How do you establish an employee referral program that leads only qualified candidates to your business?   What […]

How to Deal With a Workplace Grievance

Workplace Grievance

A situation that triggers a crisis at work could be an employee complaint or workplace grievance. Until the situation is accurately analysed and the issue is resolved, it may reduce productivity, lower performance, and cause anxiety among the team. What Is a Workplace Grievance? And how can you handle it without having an impact on […]

What Is Talent Management?

a picture showes how talent management can help employee grow

A consistent process of luring top candidates could be a surefire way to expand your company. But is it always the most effective course of action? What strategies do you use to invest in your staff members? Is this related to talent management? And how can you establish an integrated talent management process?   “All […]

What Is Human Resource -HR-?

What is HR, a guy from the human resources department pointing at "HR" word as the solution

What Is Human Resource? And why do we need -HR- Any business is made up of a variety of components, including financial resources, knowledge, and unquestionably human resources. So HR is the key component that controls all other elements. After recruiting and selecting the best candidates to represent the company and aid in its expansion. […]

What is Recruitment?

What is recruitment?

Whether you’re just starting a business, managing a mid-size one, or even directing a department, human resources are a must to do tasks that help the business grow and develop. What makes candidates qualified to cover the role? How do you guarantee the skills they have? That’s why you need recruitment.   What Is Recruitment? […]

How To Encourage Diversity In The Hiring Process

Diveristy Hiring

Hiring diversity has emerged as a top priority and contentious topic for every business looking to succeed in the current global market. This has been incredibly challenging to accomplish. Is it because of talent pipeline issues or just unnoticeable biases? In this article, we focus on how you can encourage diversity hiring.    What Is […]

What Are the 7 Functions of HR?

hr functions

Any business, to prove its effectiveness, needs a strategy for human resources management to guide individuals and teams in an optimized way, that encourages them to give more effort and achieve better performance. What are particularly the HR functions that produce a cohesive company that seeks its goals?   What Is HR Function? Human resources […]

Why Employee Satisfaction Survey important and how to conduct it

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

The employee survey should be the backbone of every employee engagement effort. It is important that an organisation conducts employee engagement surveys and ensures they take action after the survey. To grow your business, you must be consistent while conducting the surveys, accountable for the results, and take action. So, what’s the employee satisfaction survey? […]

What Are Negotiation Skills and How to Improve Them?

A hand shake that implies that a settlement has been reached based on negotiation skills

Employees should have good negotiation skills to help themselves and the business they work at. Excellent negotiators will get the job done by gaining the maximum benefits from the other party without paying much money and creating a win-win deal that satisfies everybody. What are your negotiating abilities? And how to make the ultimate use […]