Whitecollars is a Global HR Consultancy and recruitment agency that offers its full range of services to entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, large corporations, and individuals. We deliver to the human resources the value they deserve and the concern they need through optimum quality, cost-effective, and time-respecting service bundles. Whitecollars is a one-stop shop that provides a wide range of HR, Recruitment, and Career Counselling services.We help our clients to upgrade their businesses to the next level either by hiring the right candidates to be success factors or by presenting tailored HR solutions to make the aimed difference. We also support individuals on their career paths to land their dream jobs that meet their ambition and qualifications.
Whitecollars has served a broad scale of sectors and industries including IT, eCommerce, Marketing, Blockchain, eLearning, Retail, Oil & Gas, EdTech, SaaS, Booking Aggregators, and Hospitality.
Whitecollars is based in London, the United Kingdom.
No! Whitecollars serves clients from every place in the world. No geographic borders can limit our accessibility or deprive us of helping businesses and individuals to succeed. We have a professional network of HR and Recruitment Consultants from all around the globe serving clients in numerous regions that include but aren't limited to Europe, the UK, the US, Canada, Asia, the MENA, and the Gulf region.

A- Recruitment and Selection

Our typical end-to-end recruitment process has standard steps that we’ve put according to proven scientific methods and experience acquired over the long years. Whenever you assign us for recruitment, we abide by these steps:
  1. Analysing and defining the client's exact needs and requirements through careful listening.
  2. Setting the right strategy that suits the client’s hiring needs.
  3. Sourcing and shortlisting a sample of candidates for the open vacancies.
  4. Sharing candidates’ profiles with our client for initial alignment.
  5. Conducting a pre-screening interview with each candidate for suitability.
  6. Shortlisting candidates who passed our pre-screening interview.
  7. Sharing the pre-screening results with the client for approval.
  8. Choosing the most suitable candidate(s) for the next selection step.
  9. Scheduling and facilitating all interviews on the client’s behalf with the chosen candidates.
  10. Setting a final interview and selecting the most suitable candidates.
  11. Sending a job offer to the successful candidate(s) for signature and providing any further support that might help you in the hiring process.
*Note that: These general steps are followed whether it’s a single vacancy or a group of vacancies. In addition, the process can surely be more customisable and tailored according to the client’s needs.
We are able to hire any kind of roles; whether they are remote, on-site, or hybrid.
It normally takes from 2 to 4 weeks to achieve a successful hire. However, it may take less or more time based on different factors, e.g., position, complexity, requirements, candidates' supply, etc.
Whitecollars offers two different unique pricing models, unlike other regular recruitment agencies, where we allow you to take the option that suits your preferences and budget as well. 
  1. The "Fixed Fee" option: We settle your hiring needs into one of our 3 packages, we take 50% of the fees in advance and the remaining 50% of the fees will be eligible once the candidate signs the job offer. For further information, visit our pricing page and check the package's details.
  2. The "Pay As You Go" option: We assign one or more Recruitment Consultant(s) on an ad-hoc basis for up to 40 hours a week to work on all of your hiring needs simultaneously. It’s a free of commitment option, in which you have the freedom to start, pause and end the project at any time.
Yes, for the fixed fee option, all our candidates are guaranteed for up to a 6-month period based on the purchased package, in case the hired candidate resigned or was terminated you’ll be eligible for a free-of-charge replacement.
We use a bunch of different techniques to assess the candidate’s suitability; we conduct competency-based interviews using the STAR technique, and we also run job-related skills tests if requested by the client to assess the candidates’ skills to make sure that the candidate(s) is up to do the needed tasks and suitable for the vacancy. We also look for the candidate(s) with deep passion and motivation to make a positive difference and add a needed value to our clients
A Recruitment Consultant from Whitecollars will accompany you along the whole process to be your Project Manager, his/her main objective is to keep every detail clear and avoid any confusion or creation of multiple focal points. We also assign a Project Facilitator to make sure that the hiring process is going smoothly and to monitor the work's quality.
Our team members work around the clock, so you expect to get a Recruitment Consultant who would be available 24/7 regardless of the time zone differences
We have extensive experience in hiring candidates with different levels of seniority from entry-level roles to executive directors and c-suite level roles. Whitecollars also have experience in hiring both technical and non-technical positions, whether the recruitment is permanent, contract, local, international, or part-time.
We can surely assign more than a recruiter for you according to your needs.
Yes, we negotiate and sell your benefits to the suitable candidate, in order to get the best deal for you and try to create a win-win situation for you and the candidate.
If we could not fill the position we have to admit that we can no longer work on this project, we do not want to waste your time and we will refund you 100% of your money. (Only applicable for the fixed fee option)
Whitecollars give you any needed support and assistance in your recruitment efforts, as we are able to draft/review the needed job description, source, filter, screen, shortlist, interview the required candidates, onboard candidates, and facilitate the entire recruitment process for you till you hire the best-fit and top talents for your respected company. 

B- HR Solutions

We provide a full range of HR effective solutions including
  • Establishing Employee handbooks
  • Building job profiles              
  • Creating policies & procedures                      
  • Founding motivation & engagement programs.
  • Defining compensation & benefits schemes
  • Maintaining Employee onboarding & offboarding process
  • Dealing with sensitive HR issues
  • Putting employee performance management systems 
  • Managing employee relations
  • Developing virtual team management solutions
It depends on the company’s needs and requirements. Through careful listening and full understanding, we put our fingers on your exact needs and requirements and give you more insights into the whole process and timeframe