Fatma Asfour

Recruitment Specialist

Fatma is a dedicated and hardworking Recruitment Specialist of Whitecollars, and before joining Whitecollars she has been helping individuals reach their full potential through her teaching and customer service background. She helped mold the minds of young students in learning about Science and English subjects and she has helped thousands of customers with their needs. Fatma works hard not only to achieve her own dreams but to lead the way for other people to achieve their own dreams as well. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and Chemistry, as well as a Diploma in Education to teach General Science. Fatma has a TESOL certificate and she finished courses in data analysis and learning how to learn. Fatma strongly believes that recruitment is the key to a successful company and she aims to work harder than anyone else to guarantee the success of her recruits, for in every successful employee there is a successful company.

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Work With Us

At Whitecollars, we do not work, we play to win. Every day brings a new challenge to overcome. Every day brings an opportunity to learn. Every day brings another chance to make difference in people’s life. We are always looking for passionate and innovative individuals who are ready to play hard.