Expand your talent pool globally

and break free from geographic limitations

Our recruitment strategy allows you to source top-tier candidates from all over the world, providing a solution to issues such as market saturation, low unemployment rates, and unqualified candidates. We connect you with the best candidates and remove the barriers of location, making your recruitment process more efficient and effective.

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It is a hiring process where a company seeks to fill a job opening with a candidate who resides outside of the country where the company is based.  At Whitecollars, we have a proven track record of helping our clients to identify and attract top talent from specific countries or around the world, ensuring that our clients have access to the best candidates available.
To streamline the hiring process, we also provide assistance with travel arrangements, visa processing, and other logistics that are critical to a successful international recruitment effort. Our end-to-end approach to international hiring allows our clients to focus on their core business operations while we handle the complexities of sourcing and hiring talent from overseas.
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1 in every 10 clients we work with is interested in recruiting international candidates

Knowledge base

53% of employers globally experienced skills shortages in 2020, according to a Hays Global Skills Index

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Best Countries

we source cost-effective tech talents from

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International Positions We Hired

For Our Clients

We provide real-time reports, complete access to candidates’ pipeline, a 4-week time to fill, and up to a 6-month replacement guarantee

PHP & Java Developer

Senior iOS Developer

Full Stack Developer

Senior Solidity Developer

Frontend Developer

Test Automation Engineer (C#)

DevOps Practice Lead

Software Test Engineer

Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)

AWS Solutions Architect

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Facts you should know

about Whitecollars for International Recruitment

Make talents your competitive advantage

Hiring the best candidates from the top countries for every vacancy makes your company invincible and can’t be defeated in the market. Constructing a team from the crème de la crème is always a perfect winning strategy that turns the human resources into a competitive advantage that no other company can copy.

International recruitment doesn’t only mean hiring expatriates

Some could think this recruitment is costly as it targets expatriates. First, international recruitment is affordable; For Whitecollars it costs the same fees as any other recruitment. Second, it is not restricted to expatriates; you don't have to bear travel and accommodation expenses, as you can remotely hire an employee from Hong Kong while your company is UK-based.

Nurture your company through diverse culture!

Imagine a company of employees with different backgrounds, cultures, religions, and nationalities, cooperating for one objective, which is to make this company better! A diversified on-site work or even a remotely is a healthy characteristic that makes your company easily adapt to any global or local change regardless of the physical borders.

Whitecollars turns difficult hiring easier

If your enterprise is in need of a rare profession, to us no occupation is rare as we access all pools of candidates whether it is big or small, distributed in various countries or focused on a certain area. Using our concentrated methods in searching, attracting, and screening, we trust our capabilities and scientific logic.

Whitecollars makes you accessible to a broad range of candidates around the world

Whitecollars fill in the vacancies with the best candidates in the world, our experience lets us source the right candidate from the most suitable country, and we know where the finest candidates that suit your vacancy are, and if you target a certain zone to hire from, we’ll deliver you the best available recommendations and individuals