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Resume Summary, How to Write It?

Rebecca Miller November 28, 2023 3 min read
Resume Summary

How to write a resume summary and how do target recruiters with it?

The resume summary and career objective sections on a resume are both introductions meant to catch the employer’s attention immediately. No matter what position you’re going for, a strong resume introduction can significantly increase the impact of your resume.

In simple words, writing a resume summary or career objective can help employers quickly identify if you’re a good fit for a position or not.

So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced person and want to create a resume that will engage any recruiter, you must include an appealing summary or career objective on your resume.

In this article, we provide the right information you can follow to select a resume summary or career objective depending on your experience level and the position you’re applying for.

Let’s start with the difference between a career objective and a resume summary.

Career objective vs. resume summary

When creating a resume, you can either include a resume summary or a career objective as your career summary.

Many people think that they are the same, but there is a significant difference, both in perception and content.

They both include goals; however, a career objective proves that you want the job and also shows passion. A resume summary proves that you are qualified and shows experience and passion.

What is a career objective for a resume?

A career objective is a brief (one to two sentence) statement that focuses on you, the type of job or industry you’re looking for, or the specific skill set you intend to develop.

The career objective is the best choice for college students, recent graduates, entry-level employees, or career changes since, unlike the resume summary, you don’t list work experience here.

How to write a career objective for a CV?

An effective career objective will show the recruiter why you are the perfect candidate for the role. Essentially, the main focus is on your motivation rather than your experience.

So here are five steps to creating an effective career objective:

1. Start with a strong tone by outlining one or two main skills and strengths.

By including your valuable skills and strengths, you can show how you can perform the job better than anyone else.

For example, a creative thinker with a track record of successfully implementing marketing strategies, increasing organic traffic, and improving search rankings.

2. Explain your motivation for applying as well as your career goals.

This will show what you are passionate about your career goals, and the specific job and industry you wish to work in.

For example, I am seeking a position as a marketing associate at ABC Company…

3. Describe how you want to make a difference in your position.

Employers look for candidates who can add unique value to the company; explain how you can help the company if they hire you.

For example, .. to boost revenue and brand awareness through integrated marketing communications.

4. Make it short.

To make it easier for the recruiting manager to read, try to keep your objective to two or three sentences, or 30–50 words.

5. Use keywords.

Your resume will be highlighted by a company’s applicant tracking system (ATS), so it’s important to add any keyword that is related to your position to make your application align with what the company is looking for.

General career objective sample for freshers

  • Creative content writer looking for an interesting opportunity to employ my creativity, problem-solving abilities, and knowledge of SEO writing strategies.
  • A fresh graduate with a bachelor’s degree in human resource management is looking for a suitable position in a reputable company to use superior communication skills, managerial and organizational abilities, and organisational knowledge.
  • Energetic marketing graduate with a passion for Internet marketing and technical SEO. Strong foundations in data visualization and research and project management skills. Looking to leverage my skills in data analysis and result tracking.

What is a resume summary?

Simply put, a resume summary is a short description of yourself at the top of your resume (under the contact details and above the work history). Its length is between two and four sentences.

It will involve your abilities, years of expertise, top skills, and best achievements during your work. The goal of a resume summary is to entice and persuade hiring managers to read your resume completely.

This might help the recruiting manager understand how you can lead to positive outcomes for the company.

How to write a summary for a resume?

It is important to highlight that a resume summary is usually used by professionals and experienced ones. As a fresher, you may lack experience but don’t worry. You can achieve success step by step.

Now, you can write an effective resume summary even if you have little or no work experience by following these five tips.

1. Mention your job title and years of experience (if you have any.)

For example, a freelance SEO content writer with two years of experience…

This summary example tells the recruiter a lot about you in a single glance.

2. Include education and academic achievements.

Mention your academic degree and field of study. You can also mention any leadership roles you have held in class projects or school clubs or groups. This will attract the attention of the hiring manager.

There are related achievements that can come from:

  • Classes, training, workshops, and certifications
  • Personal or academic projects relevant to the job
  • Awards and accomplishments
  • Volunteer work and activities

It is critical to highlight any achievements or skills that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

For example: ..contributed to the college’s year-end audit and received special recognition from the senior accountant.

3. Include your passions and interests.

It’s best to give your career some thought before you begin writing about this. And think to yourself:

What interests me deeply? What do I do best? What do I like to do? What am I most proud of achieving? What are the brightest work moments?

4. Include soft skills.

Are you great at research? Do you enjoy teamwork? Are you great at multitasking and handling a fast-paced team environment? Are you adaptable to unexpected changes?

While these shouldn’t be the main focus of your resume summary section, they can be worth mentioning.

General samples of resume summary for freshers:

  • Computer science graduate with a background in machine learning and data engineering. An extremely capable leader, who has completed several senior class projects successfully. Adept in a wide range of modern technologies, including Python, Java, and Scala.
  • Skilled content writer with a strong background in creating, publishing, and researching engaging material. Capable of directing the creation of original, meaningful content for a variety of media channels and clients.
  • A journalist who tells original stories with two years of experience working in a multimedia environment has strong verbal and written communication skills and the ability to create engaging and shareable content for the company’s website and social media platforms.


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