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A skilled, productive, and engaged workforce is the ambition of every business, no matter the size or industry. But a lack of time, budget, and expertise keep this goal out of reach. Through Whitecollars, its full range of flat-fee recruitment and HR services, you’ll quickly realise your goal and see your business flourish.

Every solution is tailored to you, enabling us to meet your need in the fastest, most effective, and most affordable way. Whitecollars certified consultants are strategically placed across the world, ready to bring you the best talent and expertise.

Whitecollars Services

Affordable high-return workforce solutions

Recruitment services

& Selection

We provide flat-fee recruitment packages and bespoke hiring solutions for any size of business and industry. Select from permanent, contract, executive search, local and international recruitment. 


We have a complete range of HR services, including employee handbook, onboarding procedures, job profiles, sensitive HR issues, company surveys, engagement plans, PMS, and virtual team management.     


We offer tailored career coaching, CV evaluation, and writing, LinkedIn profile optimisation, job application, and interview mocking. This allows us to support every experience level seeking a career change and employment. (Beta)

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