How to Handle a No Pass Competency Based Interview

A competency based interview is one of the crucial steps that recruiters take in choosing the most suitable candidate. Now, you’re the candidate and you need to pass this interview to be a step closer to the job you want. How can you do this?

What’s a competency based interview?

It’s an interview, its major aim is to find out if the candidate has the specific skills and competencies the employer is looking for or not to go on with further steps if possible. Questions basically focus on the way that the candidate will use to finish his tasks, solve problems he faces, and his behaviour as well with certain situations.

Competencies you must show in a competency based interview

Every role needs its tailored competencies; however, there are 7 general competencies that every recruiter looks for in his candidate which are:

  1. Being a team player
  2. Acquiring perfect communication skills
  3. Flexibility
  4. Problem-solving mindset
  5. Trustworthiness
  6. Time management
  7. Integrity

You should know how to cover these competencies according to real-life situations and your past experiences. 

Top 5 questions asked in every competency based interview

1. “How do you contribute to a team?” 

This question measures how well you are able to work in a team. Here, you have to focus on the main value you try to add during every contribution, things that make you inconvenient, and how you deal with them, if your reactions are counted as a plus you should mention indeed.

2. “How do you deal with the challenges you meet at work?” 

Your answer should illustrate your problem-solving skills and how flexible you are, by mentioning a real challenging situation, that shows how you dealt with it. Was it the first time doing such a task? What were your actions and the method you used to finish the task? And were the results at the end as expected or not?

3. “How do you meet tight deadlines at work?”

You should know how to show your capability of managing your time without feeling stressed or affecting the quality of your final product. Discuss the preferences you consider arranging the priorities within the task and do you chunk the task into smaller tasks or not?

4. “What mistakes have you made before? And how have you handled them?” 

It’s a tricky question that might make you feel uncomfortable; however, it needs openness from you and frank clear answers. This measures how you overcome big mistakes and accidental blunders to seek integrity, and this implants trustworthiness in the recruiter towards you.

5. “Have you ever adjusted your communication approach to suit a particular audience?”

You should discuss your way to build a good relationship with your manager or coworker to have a healthy workplace environment or at least have work that provides safety and satisfaction to your spirit and mind.

Advices to successfully pass a competency based interview

Be confident and specific

Dealing with an interview as a nerve-pushing situation may damage your confidence. That’s why you should stay calm and determined about every answer you deliver. Being direct will help you to stay focused and specific with every detail you mention. Stay positive by supporting your answers with numbers and statistics if they are available on request.

Do your research

Before applying for the vacancy, you should read the job description carefully, to understand every qualification and skill needed by the employer. Then, you have to search for his values and definitions to link between the competencies, the principles of the organisation and its organisational culture. 

After finishing this research, are you suitable for this vacancy and the culture? Apply and get ready for an interview.

A competency based interview is your real checkpoint that could easily transfer you to the onboarding process, Try not to lose this opportunity! 

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