Tips to consider when changing jobs

You might be in your current job waiting for a paycheck each week, month, and year feeling so burnt out of work that you feel like quitting your job. You are probably thinking of changing your career or just changing jobs. What factors do you consider in this situation?  This article is for you!

Define your ideal working environment

Think about your working environment and how it has impacted your career. Think of what kind of environment you need, compensation, duties you would like to undertake, and everything that motivates you to work hard in an organization. Does the list you’ve written down define your ideal working environment?

Does your job match with who you are?

In every job that you undertake, ensure that it helps you be the best version of yourself and allows you to use your innate abilities and skills. For example, if you are a people person, ensure that your role has duties that involve interacting with people. Getting a job that matches your personality will increase your job satisfaction.

Define your values and career dreams

Does your current organization stand for the same values as yourself? What are your dreams when it comes to your career? If the current organization you work with doesn’t fulfill these factors, then you need to change jobs. If you’ve always wanted to work remotely, it’s time to seek organizations that offer such flexible terms.

Can you get more pay with the skills you possess?

Well, you might have tried renegotiating terms with your employer for a pay rise, but it was declined. So, if you feel like your skills can be better paid for in other markets, begin your research and apply to the organizations that would pay you more to perform the same duties. Tip: Do not leave your current job till you land another job first.

At some point in your career, you have to stop and reevaluate what you want and your goals. If these goals cannot be achieved by sticking to your current job, then don’t be afraid of taking a leap to a new phase of your career. Always ensure that each job that you take up allows you to balance your work and other aspects of your life for you to be productive.

If you are changing jobs and are not sure where to start, send your CV to [email protected], and let’s get you your ideal career and workplace!



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