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Entrepreneurship Development: How to Startup Effectively

Moustafa Ahmed June 23, 2022 3 min
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What entrepreneurship should be like and how to be an entrepreneur?

Starting your own business is a perfect decision if you have the resources and the passion for the core idea of this business, however, entrepreneurship development needs skills and steps you should take to make use of the business and gain more profit. How should you manage your startup effectively?


Importance of entrepreneurship development

Starting a new business is accompanied by risks and lots of downs, on the other hand, it opens new opportunities for employees. According to the type of the business, B2B or B2C, it creates new paths for other businesses through services that support them or produce distinctive products that make individuals’ lives easier and more comfortable.


Entrepreneurship enriches new creative channels that include innovative human resources and ideas, it establishes an entire market from scratch as the available markets are not enough. Entrepreneurship motivates people to search and learn to develop their products and services, this encourages other businesses, with close business objectives, to develop their strategies to be as advanced as the new businesses.

Entrepreneurship development skills

Entrepreneurial skills are the major elements for the success of any business, these skills gather between technical and soft skills. Here we discuss the common skills that need to be found in the human resources of the startup.



This quality is linked with entrepreneurship development, it could lead the entrepreneur to a crisis or an unexpected success. Risk-taking is not only a leader’s characteristic but also a core competency related to every individual in the startup. This makes the complete team manage any risk homogeneously. Risk-taking enhances the growth mindset and critical thinking techniques.


Value-based qualities

What makes a startup able to proceed in the market is the belief in the value that the startup seeks to provide in the targeted market. Establishing core values to be part of startups and their organisational culture. These values are moulded inside certain activities, behaviours, and attitudes. The values represent the roots that keep a startup stable against storms. 



Creativity is the main element that nurtures any startup, especially in the tech and marketing industries, however, creativity should be part of the mindset of individuals. This creativity is utilised in different departments and sections that produce new ideas and solutions. Creativity makes people more ambitious and enthusiastic about their business, as they find every new idea a new investment.


Time management for entrepreneurship development

Managing time is crucial for any entrepreneur, methods and techniques are used to control time and prevent its leakage. Here we mention basic methods like


Time scheduling

Having a list of activities could be fine, but having a list with a specified time gives the individual the borders needed to end tasks, this scheduling motivates you to complete the task to start the next. It automatically implants a self-tracker inside yourself. The tasks should be arranged according to the degree of importance.


Best Time Practices

Put a fixed time for continuous work sessions, after this session ends, have a short break to recharge yourself, like the Pomodoro technique. If you loop into a certain workflow, don’t stop yourself, go on and manipulate this condition as you can without reaching a burnout state. Remember that completing 20% of the task will lead to 80% of its results.



You might imagine an entrepreneur might have extraordinary powers and would like to participate in every project and every task, that could be right, but any entrepreneur is still time-restrained. That’s why an entrepreneur could delegate certain missions to other qualified persons who could accomplish them at the same quality, within budget, and on time. 


What should be your plan for money management for entrepreneurship development?

Money is a crucial resource that could be perfectly used in supporting other resources and making the work wheel move faster.

Put suitable financial goals

A financial goal could be the monthly sales target, which is a short-term goal, as well as, it could be how much money the company is worth after five years. This makes targets the destinations that you need to approach and this paves the routes and ways that you will take towards them. 


Cut Down any unnecessary costs

Unneeded Costs could vary from a cup of coffee from a luxurious café to expensive rarely-used office tools. This could be tricky, as even small expenses could cost a fortune that your startup could need in the future. Using money tracking tools and Excel sheets is a must here.


In this article, we’ve discussed entrepreneurship development and how to effectively manage a startup through money, time, and qualities. For more information, check our blog now.

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