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WhiteCollars has been established in 2017 of Human Resources professionals who are experienced in different HR functions helping entrepreneurs to run their startups from the ground up, providing them cost-effective online HR solutions that boost their startups and make them move to the next level. White Collars team have a worldwide experience, they helped businesses in different countries in Europe, Asia, Americas and MENA Region.

If you’re a start-up that wants to save time, money and efforts of the early challenges while focusing on your strategic plan, WhiteCollars is your perfect choice. White Collars is not just a service provider but we are a life partner, we work together to make your business bigger.

We are a recruitment agency provides startups with required skilled & talented individuals.

To provide the easiest & fastest HR solution that provides startups with required skills & talents.


  • Ownership
  • Partnership
  • Quality
  • Fast
  • Customer focus

Our Services

Recruitment & Selection

We will help you to find the suitable candidates who fit your vacancies.

Human Resources Outsourcing in Egypt

Employee Onboaridng

We will develop an Onboarding and Orientation Plan that fits each level of your employees and match your company’s culture.

Employee Handbook

We will create a well-designed handbook linked to your key topics and business culture.

Human Resources Outsourcing in Egypt

Job Profiles

We will analyze each function, define success factors and person specifications in a well-written job profile.

Motivation Plan

We will outline your employee’s motivational needs and develop a motivation plan fits both company’s budget and employees needs.

Performance Management System

We will study your company’s current status, develop an effective performance management system to maximize your employees productivity.

Why you should choose us?

6 Reasons to choose WhiteCollars

Cost-Effective HR Solutions

We consider that costs are one of the biggest challenges that face startups so we provide the most cost effective HR solutions that match your needs and the quality expectations.

The Fastest Solutions Ever

Time is a key factor in any startups success, in WhiteCollars we know how time is important for you, we set up a fast-track timeframe for each service we provide to you to ensure the efficiency of our solutions.

Long-Term Partnership

We are always keen to be a partner rather than a service provider, our interest lies in building a long life partnership. So one of our HR professionals will be associated with your account forever to make sure of better communication, engagement and life partnership. We will not change him/her without a prior written notice.

Money Back Guarantee

If our solutions did not meet your expectations do not worry, we offer you three months of notice period so you can test the efficiency of our solutions and you can ask to get your money back.

Aftersales Service

When we end each project successfully we do not leave you, we keep providing you perks of aftersales services to maintain the solutions we provided you work efficiently and effectively.

Online Solutions

No more wasting your time with lost of meetings or travel expenses, with our online solutions we get everything done online efficiently.

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