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We are a team of experienced professional recruiters provide startups with the required skilled & talented individuals to boost their business success and make it bigger. WhiteCollars team have a worldwide experience, they recruited individuals from more than 20 countries and provided startups in different regions of the world in Europe, Asia, Americas and MENA Region. If you’re a start-up that wants to save time, money and the efforts of the early challenges while focusing on your strategic plan, WhiteCollars is your best partner. We are not just a service provider but we are a life partner, we work together to make your business bigger.

We are a recruitment agency provides startups with required skilled & talented individuals.

To provide the easiest & fastest HR solution that provides startups with required skills & talents.


(Ownership – Partnership – Quality –Fast – Customer focus)

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Human Resources Outsourcing in Egypt

Employee Onboarding

Employee Onboarding & Orientation
The most critical period of any new comers is the first three months of their employment, if the new comers started their employment in the right way they will keep working in an effective way, the Onboarding & Orientation plan introduce the new employees to the company’s environment, workmates, structures, & Orientation plan introduce the new comers to the new environment, organizational information, departments and coworkers structures, work context and technical training. an effective Employee Onboarding & Orientation Plan leads to ease the employee’s transition to a new environment, gain realistic image of the job, develop sense of belonging to company and helps the employee quickly become a productive and contributing member of the organization.
We develop an Onboarding and Orientation Plan that fits each level of your employees and match your company’s culture.

Human Resources Outsourcing in Egypt

Employee Handbook

It’s very important for each business to keep communication with its employees, the employee handbook is a way of communicating the reduce company key policies and procedures to each employee to familiarizing them with the basic company policies and benefits program, including acceptable and unacceptable behavior and disciplinary measures. the employee handbook leads to a better understanding of the company’s expectations and reduces conflicts.
We understand your expectations towards your employees, identify Handbook issues and draft, develop and link an employee handbook with the policies and procedures manual.

Human Resources Outsourcing in Egypt

Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment & Selection
To keep your business live you need to hire persons who will run your business but to runt it effectively you need to hire the right person for the right job. Setting a recruitment plan and selection process will keep your business running effectively, save time, money and efforts, to save your time, efforts.
We create a manpower & recruitment plan, setup a selection process, we provide you with the most suitable candidates that fit your job requirements.

Human Resources Outsourcing in Egypt

Policies & Procedures Manual

HR Manual
A policies and procedures manual is more comprehensive than an employee handbook and details every aspect of a company policy, it includes procedures and forms linked with the local labor laws. It works as a reference backup for each manager and supervisor when more information is needed and not included in the employee handbook. The policies & procedures manual lead the employee handbook leads to a better understanding of the expectations of the company, reduce conflicts and link company practices to the legal labor laws.
We understand your expectations towards your employees, identify policies issues and draft an employee handbook in a professional way.

Human Resources Outsourcing in Egypt

Motivation Plan

Motivation Plan
The more motivated employees are the most productive and engaged to your business , Motivation is a psychological side of each person, know how & what motivate your employees is a the key to a successful motivation plan. A well planned motivation program leads to increase employees productivity, increase employees loyalty, reduce turnover and make your workplace as a desired place to work.
We Analyze the current status of your employees motivational level, understand their motivational needs and design a motivation plan that fits both company’s budget and employees needs.

Human Resources Outsourcing in Egypt

Job Profiles

Job Descriptions
To make sure that each employee understands his job duties clearly and compelety, know the success factors that leads to do the job successfully you need to create a job description for each function in your company, the Job description will lead employees to do their functions effectively, decrease ambiguityو help recruit the most suitable candidates, help set up an appropriate compensation plan.
Draft job profile, analyze each function, define success factors and person specifications.

Why you should choose WhiteCollars – (5 Reasons to choose WhiteCollars)

Cost-effective HR Solutions

we consider that costs are one of the biggest challenges that face startups so we provide the most cost effective HR solutions that match your needs and the quality expectations.

The fastest solutions ever

Time is a key factor in any startups success, in WhiteCollars we know how time is important for you, we set up a fast-track timeframe for each service we provide to you to ensure the efficiency of our solutions.

Long-term Partnership

We are always keen to be a partner rather than a service provider, our interest lies in building a long life partnership. So one of our HR professionals will be associated with your account forever to make sure of better communication, engagement and life partnership. We will not change him/her without a prior written notice.

Free Placement

hiring the most suitable candidate is our main purpose. So we offer a month of notice period giving our client the opportunity to assess the new hired candidates and in case if our client feels that the candidate is not fully suited then we offer to a replacement free of charge.

Aftersales Service

When we end each project successfully we do not leave you, we keep providing you perks of Aftersales services to maintain the solutions we provided you work efficiently and effectively.




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