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Onboarding Tools for New Employees You Need to Know

Rebecca Miller April 4, 2024 3 min
Onboarding Tools for New Employees You Need to Know

The first few weeks at a new company are crucial. A well-crafted onboarding program can make the difference between a productive, engaged employee and someone who feels lost and disengaged. But managing the onboarding process, especially for multiple new hires, can be overwhelming.

This is where onboarding tools come in! These resources can streamline the process, automate tasks, and ensure a smooth, positive experience for your new team members.

This guide will equip HR professionals, recruiters, and managers with the knowledge to leverage the best onboarding tools for their needs.

What is an Onboarding Toolkit?

An onboarding toolkit can be either a software platform designed to manage the entire new hire onboarding process, or a collection of resources to help facilitate it.

An onboarding toolkit can refer to two things:

1. Pre-built software platform:

This is a comprehensive application designed specifically to manage the entire new hire onboarding process. It offers a variety of features like:

  • Create checklists and assign tasks to new hires, ensuring a smooth flow through the onboarding journey.
  • Automate repetitive tasks like collecting information or sending reminders, freeing up HR for more strategic work.
  • Deliver training content through online courses, videos, or documents all within the platform.
  • Facilitate communication between new hires, HR, and team members through built-in chat, messaging, or discussion boards.
  • Provide a central location for storing and accessing important onboarding documents like employee handbooks or benefits information.

2. Resources collection:

This is a more general term for any set of tools and resources used to facilitate the onboarding process. This could include a combination of:

  • Pre-designed documents like checklists, welcome emails, or training schedules.
  • Examples of presentations, videos, or articles relevant to new hire training.
  • Information on company benefits, policies, or compliance procedures.

Onboarding toolkits can be created internally by HR or recruiting teams, or purchased from external vendors.

So what to use? Or in other words, what do you need? You’ll find the answers to these questions in the 19 onboarding tools.

15 Onboarding Tools for New Employees:

As an HR company, we believe that onboarding is the foundation for a successful employee experience. The right tools can streamline the process, keep new hires engaged, and ensure they feel equipped to thrive in their new roles.

Here’s a look at 16 tools across various categories to consider for your onboarding strategy:


Imagine having a wise onboarding mentor who not only helps you guide new hires but also gives you insights on how to make the process even better. That’s


enboarder-onboarding platform

It tracks onboarding data and provides actionable insights to optimize your process for future hires.

  • Leverage Enboarder’s branching logic feature to tailor tasks, content, and deadlines based on the new hire’s role, department, or previous experience.
  • Enboarder allows gamification elements and social learning features to keep new hires engaged during onboarding. They can track their progress, earn badges, and connect with colleagues.

Kallidus Sapling:

Kallidus HR Platform offers a user-friendly mobile app that allows new hires to access onboarding materials, complete tasks, and connect with trainers anytime, anywhere.

Kallidus Sapling onboarding

  • New hires can access their personalized onboarding plan, training modules, and company resources through Kallidus’s mobile app, increasing accessibility and flexibility.
  • Break down complex information into bite-sized, mobile-friendly modules that are easy to digest during commutes or breaks.
  • Allow new hires to download onboarding materials for offline access, ensuring they can progress even with limited internet connectivity.


Remember those awesome training manuals from your favorite video game? Trainual Platform is like that but for your new hires! It’s a one-stop shop for all the information they need to become all-stars.

Trainual onboarding

  • Trainual ensures consistency in onboarding by providing a central repository of training materials for all new hires, regardless of department or role.
  • Easily add new content, update procedures, and adapt the training library as your company evolves.
  • Use Trainual’s assessment features to gauge new hires’ understanding of key concepts and identify areas where they might need additional support.

Click Boarding, LLC:

Click Boarding offers a robust platform with features designed to streamline every step of the onboarding process, from pre-boarding tasks to post-onboarding surveys.

Click integrates with various communication platforms, allowing for seamless communication between new hires, HR, and team members throughout the onboarding journey.

  • Automate repetitive tasks like sending welcome emails, collecting new hire information, or assigning training modules, freeing up valuable time for HR and managers.
  • Create clear, step-by-step onboarding checklists tailored to different roles or departments. Track progress and ensure all essential tasks are completed.


Imagine having your entire recruitment process streamlined –  from posting jobs to onboarding new hires –  all within one platform. That’s the magic of Trinet!  It’s like a one-stop shop for attracting, evaluating, and hiring the best talent.

  • Quickly publish job openings across various platforms, saving you time and effort.
  • Organize applications, track candidate progress, and schedule interviews – all within a user-friendly interface.
  • Share candidate profiles and feedback with your team seamlessly, ensuring everyone’s on the same page.


Rippling isn’t just an ATS – it’s a game-changer for the entire HR experience.  It seamlessly integrates recruitment, onboarding, payroll, and other HR functions into one unified platform.


  • Say goodbye to the onboarding paperwork shuffle! Rippling streamlines the process, ensuring a smooth transition for new hires from the moment they accept the offer.
  • Gain valuable insights into your recruitment process with Rippling’s analytics. See what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to optimize your talent acquisition strategy continuously.
  • As your company grows, Rippling scales with you. Its flexible platform can accommodate your evolving hiring needs, making it a future-proof investment.

By understanding the unique strengths of each ATS, recruiters can find the perfect tool to streamline their workflow,  build a strong employer brand,  and attract the best talent for their organization.


BambooHR simplifies core HR tasks like collecting new hire information, assigning training modules, and creating checklists. New hires can access essential documents and stay on track, while HR manages the process seamlessly.

Bamboo HR for onboarding


Looking for a one-stop shop for payroll, benefits administration, and HR management?

Gusto integrates with payroll and benefits administration, allowing you to set up new hires quickly and efficiently.  No more scrambling with paperwork – Gusto handles it all, freeing you to focus on welcoming your new team member.

Gusto HR and onboarding


For larger organizations with complex HR needs, Workday offers a comprehensive HRIS solution. It provides robust functionalities like talent management, workforce analytics, and financial management, all within a single platform.

screenshot financials operational analysis homepage desktop mobile 1?fmt=png alpha&wid=755 Onboarding Tools for New Employees You Need to Know


Eddy is your performance guru.  Goal setting, 360-degree feedback,  and performance reviews – it has everything you need to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement and unlock the full potential of your team.

Eddy HR


Are you going global? Deel is your international HR passport.  They handle the complexities of global payroll, taxes, and compliance, allowing you to recruit top talent anywhere in the world without the headache.


HiBob is your employee engagement champion!  Think internal communication tools,  recognition programs,  and surveys – it helps you create a positive and connected work environment where everyone feels valued and motivated.



Namely focuses on employee empowerment. It provides features like self-service options for benefits enrollment, time off requests, and payslip access,  giving your employees more control and streamlining HR processes for you.


Organizations prioritizing a high level of control and data-driven insights into their onboarding strategy, Paycor streamlines onboarding with its user-friendly interface, making it a breeze for both HR and new hires.

laptop2x 1 Onboarding Tools for New Employees You Need to Know

Core functionalities like checklists, task assignments, and progress tracking ensure a well-organized experience. Plus, integrated benefits administration allows for quick and efficient setup of health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits, saving everyone valuable time.


Paylocity doesn’t just streamline onboarding; it equips you with the tools to continuously improve. The tool offers a high degree of customization, allowing you to tailor the onboarding experience to your unique needs and company culture. Their in-depth reporting unveils valuable insights into your onboarding process.

0701030101c payroll prospects b Onboarding Tools for New Employees You Need to Know

In addition, identify areas that might be causing friction or delays, and use this data to optimize your onboarding strategy for future hires.  So think of it as having a magnifying glass to pinpoint areas for improvement, ensuring a stellar first impression for every new team member.

What Makes the Best Employee Onboarding Software?

The best employee onboarding software strikes a balance between several key features:

  • User-friendliness: Both HR professionals and new hires should find the platform easy to navigate. An intuitive interface with clear instructions and helpful features is crucial for a smooth onboarding experience.
  • Comprehensiveness: The software should offer a range of functionalities to manage the entire onboarding process. This includes features like Onboarding checklists and task management, document management, automated repetitive tasks, and progress tracking.
  • Customization: The ability to tailor the onboarding experience to your specific company culture and workflow is essential.
  • Data-driven insights: The software should provide reporting and analytics to help you track the effectiveness of your onboarding process and identify areas for improvement.
  • Scalability: As your company grows, your onboarding needs will evolve.  Choose a platform that can scale to accommodate your future needs.
  • Integration capabilities: The ability to integrate with other tools you use, such as payroll or HRIS systems, can streamline workflows and improve data sharing.

3 Factors to Choose the Right Tools for Your Company Needs

The ideal onboarding tech stack will depend on your company size, budget, and specific requirements. Here are some key factors to consider when selecting the right tools:

  • Company Size & Onboarding Volume: For smaller companies with infrequent onboarding needs, a basic project management tool and a communication platform might suffice. Larger companies with higher onboarding volumes will benefit from dedicated onboarding software.
  • Features & Functionality: Prioritize features that address your specific needs. Do you require a robust LMS? Is centralized document management crucial?
  • Scalability: Consider how the tool will adapt as your company grows. Will it accommodate increased onboarding volume or integrate with other HR systems?

From Stressed to Stellar: Onboarding Made Easy

Equipping your new hires with the right tools and resources from the get-go sets the stage for long-term success. We explored a diverse range of onboarding solutions, empowering you to craft a welcoming and efficient onboarding journey.

But the journey doesn’t end here. At Whitecollars, we are experts in providing HR solutions and crafting customized onboarding programs that not only integrate seamlessly with your chosen tools but also foster a culture of engagement from day one.

Ready to transform your onboarding process into a competitive advantage?

Contact Whitecollars today and let’s discuss how we can help you turn those new hires into enthusiastic and productive members of your team!

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