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Want to Change Your Job? – 10 Things to Consider Before

Moustafa Ahmed October 2, 2022 3 min
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Change Your job has Never Been Easy, But We’ll Guide You

You might be working at your present job, looking forward to your paycheck every week, month, and year, and feeling so burned out that you want to leave. Most likely, you’re contemplating a career change or merely a job change. What factors do you consider in this situation?


1- Define Your Ideal Work Environment

Consider your workplace and how it has affected your career. Think of what kind of environment you need, compensation, duties you would like to undertake, and everything that motivates you to work hard in an organisation. Does the list you’ve written down define your ideal working environment? Are you currently burned out because of your job? Explore the new opportunity!


It will be a great opportunity to check out the actual working environment if your interview for a new job is at the company’s headquarters. Do employees appear to be satisfied? If you are hired, do you anticipate things will go smoothly with them? The ideal business employs a front desk agent who reflects the environment and organisational culture; does the agent have a stern or friendly demeanor?


If the interview is conducted online and you are unable to attend in person, research the company’s website and social media to learn more about its values and culture. Check LinkedIn to see who you are supposed to work with. How many months or years have they been employed there? If it exceeds your expectations, it’s a good environment in which to settle.


In every job that you undertake, ensure that it helps you be the best version of yourself and allows you to use your innate abilities and skills. For instance, if you enjoy interacting with people, make sure your new opportunity involves such tasks before changing jobs. Your job satisfaction will rise if you land a position that fits your personality and values.


2- Determine Your Career Dreams

Does your current organisation stand for the same development values as you? What are your dreams when it comes to your career? If your current organisation doesn’t fulfil these factors, you need to change jobs.


If the current job has no room for advancement now and in the future, and If you’ve always wanted to work remotely, then it’s the wrong career. Time to leave and seek organisations that offer flexible terms.


A new job opportunity is finding the right job that respects your needs to develop your skills and lets you seek promotion and managerial positions. Again, using LinkedIn, you can find the team leader you are hoping to work with. Is he an outsider or an insider who grew his skills in the enterprise and got promoted?


You and your organization are both sources of growth. Utilizing every chance to learn and experience new things will help you advance. Self-motivation and a positive outlook are required for this.


Your company can also aid in your development by offering specialized training courses and workshops that improve your abilities and enable you to master more difficult concepts in your field. Does the new company you are willing to join offer such development programs?


3- Can You Get More Pay With the Skills You Possess?

Well, you might have tried to negotiate terms with your employer for a pay rise, but it was declined. So, if you feel like your skills can be better paid for in other markets, begin your research and apply to the organisations that would pay you more to perform the same duties.


Also, look for the average pay you can get in other enterprises through salary calculators and other tools that determine the salary you should have based on experience and skills. You should always remember that experience is part of the value you are getting, look for a place that balances between the two factors financial benefits and experience.


It is no use to get hired in a company with a 100% pay rise without any addition to knowledge or experience for a long period, this decreases your chances of any future raise if you are the one who added to the place and the place added nothing to you except salary.


It’s common advice, but Whitecollars still has to remind you of it, “Do not attend an exit interview until you have landed another job first.”


4- Take Life/Work Balance Into Consideration

Does your current job make you feel that you have the right life/work balance? If not, you should determine your definition of a life/work balance to look for in new opportunities.


Here are some questions that you should answer to determine your vision of a life/work balance:

  • Would you work 6 days a week or just 5?
  • How many hours do you work continuously without a break?
  • Would you prefer to work remotely or on-site?
  • Is it okay to receive a work call after work hours end?
  • Would you reply to an email that was sent after official work hours?


A healthier work/life balance allows you to invest more effort in work and become more productive. If you are one of the 68% in the UK who wish for more flexible work, then you have to find a more caring job to change your current one. According to the Daily Mail, the UK has the highest proportion of employees working more than 50 hours a week.


5-Forecast the Upcoming Challenges Will You Face

Being on the right path doesn’t always mean you aren’t facing obstacles. Some of them are the ideal means of development. They maintain you at the pace necessary for you to learn new information and acquire new skills.


To ensure that your time and efforts are not wasted, it is imperative to be aware of the opportunities and challenges you may encounter in your work and role.

Consider the present obstacles and impending dangers; how does the new opportunity affect them? What sorts of challenges are you seeking? And after you defeat them, how will you maintain the pace? Before changing your job and starting a new one, you should be familiar with these details.


6- Check the Health Insurance Premiums

In addition to other unhealthy habits, working greatly depletes your health and life. Finding a new opportunity that offers health insurance plans that satisfy your needs in that area is preferable. Before accepting a job offer from a startup or small business that piques your interest, you should double-check that they offer health or social insurance.


7- Cover Your Paid Time Off Needs

Are you the type of person who needs breaks from time to time? as a vacation, sick leave, or otherwise? You must be aware of the rules that your new employer follows. If you recently got married and intend to have children, you should take into account the employer’s policies regarding maternity and paternity leave.


8- A New Job Is a New Manager

Some workers change their jobs to get away from their bosses. Do you do that? It’s a blessing to be aware of your new manager’s working style before you are formally hired, but how? You can employ many tactics, you may ask the staff members by having their contact information, make a quick call that covers all the concerns, and gather information from multiple sources.


9 – Be Aware of the Reason Why You Are Working

Why do you work? Is it merely for a high salary? Or maybe a company with a good working environment could satisfy your professional needs? Is it a means of self-actualization or a way of “helping others”? Choose the new position that will help you accomplish your top priority and give it credit.


10- List the “NOs” you don’t want to find in the new opportunity

As you need to know your “dos”, you should list your “don’ts” to have an integrated picture before changing jobs. For instance, you don’t want a micromanager, you detest rigidity and excessive formality, you dislike the work culture that turns your job into another comfort zone, etc.


You must pause and reevaluate your wants and objectives at some point in your career. If these goals cannot be achieved by sticking to your current job, then don’t be afraid to leap to a new phase of your career. For you to be productive, make sure that each job you accept enables you to balance work and other facets of your life.


If you are changing jobs and not sure where to start, send your CV to [email protected], and let’s get you your ideal career and workplace!

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