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Volunteers and How to Hire Them

Rebecca Miller December 18, 2023 3 min read

How to Recruit Volunteers?

Attracting volunteers is a crucial stage for any organisation or undertaking that depends on the commitment and assistance of individuals who are passionate about creating positive change. However, finding the right volunteers who are committed, reliable, and share your organisation’s goals and values can be challenging.

Nonprofit organisations, community groups, and even businesses heavily rely on devoted volunteers to accomplish their goals and have a significant influence. It is vital to approach the recruitment process strategically and thoughtfully to establish an impassioned team that shares your vision and contributes their time and expertise.

This article discovers the recruitment process, its significance, and practical advice for achieving successful volunteer recruitment. Whether you are leading a non-profit organisation, coordinating a community event, or launching a new project, these strategies will help you attract enthusiastic individuals who are eager to make a difference.

What Is Recruitment?

The recruitment process involves identifying, enticing, and selecting competent individuals to fill job vacancies within a company. It is an essential part of human resource management and holds significant importance in guaranteeing the hiring of suitable candidates for suitable positions.

What Is the Volunteers Recruitment Process?

The recruitment process comprises various stages, including:

1. Job analysis

The initial step involves identifying the requirements and duties of the job. This entails determining the necessary skills, qualifications, experience, and personal attributes needed for the position.

2. Sourcing

Once the job requirements are established, the organisation endeavours to attract potential candidates. Various methods can be utilised, such as internal job postings, employee referrals, online job boards, social media platforms, career fairs, recruitment agencies, and professional networks.

3. Screening

The screening process entails reviewing applications and resumes to identify candidates who meet the initial job requirements. This may involve evaluating qualifications, skills, work experience, and other pertinent factors.

4. Interviewing

Candidates who are chosen move forward to one or multiple interview stages, which may include HR professionals, hiring managers, and other pertinent individuals. The interviews can take place face-to-face, through phone calls, or via video conferencing.

5. Selection

After interviewing, the organisation evaluates the candidates and selects the most appropriate individual for the job. This may involve conducting reference checks, background checks, and assessments to gather additional information about the candidate’s qualifications and character.

6. Job Offer

Once a candidate is chosen, the selected candidate is extended a formal job offer, which includes details about compensation, benefits, starting date, and any other relevant terms and conditions.

7. Onboarding

After accepting the job offer, the onboarding process begins, which includes completing the necessary paperwork, orientation, training, and integration into the organisation.

How to Recruit Volunteers? The Top 10 Steps to do it in the right way!

Recruiting volunteers can pose a considerable challenge, despite the invaluable contribution they make to numerous organisations by dedicating their time, expertise, and enthusiasm to effecting positive change.

Here are tips on effectively recruiting volunteers and building a strong volunteer team for your organisation or cause.

1. Define your volunteer needs.

Start by clearly defining the specific roles and responsibilities you need volunteers to fulfil. Identify the skills, experience, and time commitments required for each role. This will help you target the right individuals and create accurate job descriptions.

2. Develop a compelling volunteer programme.

Develop an engaging volunteer initiative that showcases the advantages of engaging in voluntary work with your organisation. Emphasise the positive influence they can have, the valuable skills they can cultivate, and the personal fulfilment they can achieve. Effectively convey your organisation’s purpose, aspirations, and principles to attract volunteers who share your objectives.

3. Utilise multiple recruitment channels.

Utilise various recruitment channels to reach a wider audience. Some effective methods include:

  • Online Platforms: Utilise social media, volunteer recruitment websites, and your organisation’s website to promote volunteer opportunities. Create engaging content and visuals to capture attention.
  • Community Partnerships: Engage in partnerships with community organisations, schools, colleges, and universities to foster the visibility of your volunteer positions. Attend community events and fairs to connect with potential volunteers.
  • Existing Volunteer Networks: Leverage your current volunteer network to spread the word and encourage referrals. Word-of-mouth can be a powerful recruitment tool.
  • Traditional Media: Consider reaching out to local newspapers, radio stations, and TV channels for coverage or public service announcements about your organisation’s volunteer needs.

4. Tailor your message.

Craft personalised and targeted messages for different segments of your target audience. Highlight how volunteering with your organisation can meet their specific interests, passions, or career aspirations. Make the communication clear, concise, and compelling.

5. Get involved in volunteer fairs and events.

Take part in volunteer fairs, local gatherings, and networking opportunities. Set up an appealing booth or display to attract potential volunteers. Engage attendees by showcasing success stories, volunteer testimonials, and the impact of your organisation’s work.

6. Establish relationships with local businesses.

Forge relationships with local businesses and corporations that value corporate social responsibility. Many companies encourage their employees to engage in volunteer activities. Partner with them to promote your volunteer opportunities internally.

7. Provide volunteering training and support.

Develop a comprehensive volunteer training programme that equips volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to fulfil their roles effectively. Offer ongoing support, mentorship, and recognition to ensure volunteers feel valued and motivated.

8. Leverage technology

Use volunteer management software or platforms to streamline the recruitment process, track volunteer information, and communicate effectively. These tools can help you manage volunteer schedules, send reminders, and provide updates efficiently.

9. Recognise and appreciate volunteers.

Recognise and appreciate your volunteers’ efforts regularly. Publicly acknowledge their contributions through newsletters, social media shout-outs, or volunteer appreciation events. A sense of recognition and belonging will foster a positive volunteer culture and attract more individuals to join your cause.

10. Evaluate and adjust

Regularly assess your recruitment strategies and volunteer program’s effectiveness. Seek feedback from volunteers and make necessary adjustments to improve the volunteer experience and attract a diverse and committed volunteer base.


Recruiting volunteers is an ongoing process that requires constant evaluation, adaptation, and appreciation. By adhering to the guidelines provided in this article, you can attract enthusiastic individuals who are keen to dedicate their time and expertise to your organisation. Remember to continuously evaluate and improve your recruitment efforts to ensure long-term volunteer engagement and organisational success, and in Whitecollars we are experts in giving you the right people


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