Importance of Employee Satisfaction Survey

The employee survey should be the backbone of every employee engagement effort. It is important that an organization conducts employee engagement surveys and ensures they take action after the survey.
For your survey to drive your business you need to be consistent while carrying out the surveys, be accountable about the results and take action.
So what’s the importance of conducting these employee satisfaction surveys?

Makes employees feel valued.

Conducting employee surveys helps you access information and feedback from employees that you would not get from performance reviews. This feedback makes employees feel valued and with a voice in the organization.

Improves employee retention and loyalty.

Employee retention is very important in an organization and employee surveys contribute to the retention of employees. This is because employees feel valued, and the employer ensures that they are satisfied with their jobs through conducting such surveys.

Helps the employer identify the motivational factors.

Conducting employee satisfaction surveys helps you identify the major motivational factors of your employees so that you could capitalize on them to ensure that your employees are motivated. Such factors may be salaries, working environment, benefits among others.

Opens lines of communication in the firm.

Encouraging employees to take part in the surveys especially in the bid to improve the workplace helps to improve communication between the management and other employees.

Employee satisfaction surveys are important to your business and should be part of your HR practices in the firm. Wondering how to create effective employee surveys that suits your business needs? Worry not, Whitecollars will do it for you. Email us at [email protected] and learn how we can make HR easy for your business.

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