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Everything About The Employee Satisfaction Survey

Moustafa Ahmed September 2, 2022 3 min
Employee Satisfaction Survey Template

Employee Satisfaction Survey & How Crucial It’s

The employee survey should be the backbone of every employee engagement effort. It is important that an organisation conducts employee engagement surveys and ensures they take action after the survey. To grow your business, you must be consistent while conducting the surveys, accountable for the results, and take action. So, what’s the employee satisfaction survey? And how is it important?


What is Employee Satisfaction Survey?

Employers provide employee satisfaction surveys to check if the employees are happy with their jobs. The surveys measure to what extent they are satisfied. They also cover the major reasons that cause irritation and lower employee productivity.


The reasons could be related to the stressful tasks the employee has to do, the unhealthy work environment, unfair work policies, the toxic organizational culture, or the unclear vision. An employee satisfaction survey is a distinctive guide to the priorities and the issues that need deep-rooted solutions.


Importance of Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee satisfaction surveys are important, as they benefit the employees by caring about their needs and pain points, Also, they help the entity to develop and become better. The benefits include:


1- Making Employees Feel Valued

Conducting employee surveys helps you access information and feedback from employees. This completes the information you would get from performance reviews. Using this data is always a supported and transparent indicator for the business. This feedback makes employees feel valued and gives them a voice in the organisation.


When an employee feels he is the core of the business, he will be more aware of every detail in his work. He will be sure that every mistake makes will cost the business a lot. Employee satisfaction is the first step towards accomplishing customer satisfaction.


2- Improving Employee Retention and Loyalty

Employee surveys contribute to their retention, and achieving this is important in any organisation to guarantee success. An employee is your first client that your business should keep its satisfaction. Preserving highly qualified employees within your organisation and achieving their loyalty make them your honourable ambassadors to every place they go, even if they leave one day.


Loyal employees see themselves as part of the organization. They feel engaged, and they might feel uncomfortable when delegating their tasks to others for sick leave or a vacation. Belonging to the entity makes him happy with every achievement, as he participated in them.


3- Helping You to Identify the Motivational Factors

An employee satisfaction survey helps you identify the major motivational factors that trigger the best performance in your employees. Providing these factors will ensure that your employees stay motivated during their work hours. The triggers might be a pay rise, compensation benefits, working environment, etc.


Motivation is essential for achieving the employees’ career goals, this helps them to stay at the organisation while they see themselves grow and move stable steps in their career route. In the end, turnover rates will go down and burnout conditions will be eliminated.


4- Establishing a New Channel of Communication in the Firm

Encouraging employees to take part in the surveys, especially in the bid to improve the workplace, helps to enhance communication between the higher management and other employees. Keeping the identity private for the survey is essential to allow employees to express their opinions freely, especially the negative ones.


Considering the employee satisfaction survey as the main communication channel, besides the one-to-one meetings, emails, etc. It’s a valuable source of information that could forecast issues before they occur, showing the weaknesses of the business and the threats it may face.


5- Forming a Better Future for the Business

According to 89% of HR specialists, managers and business owners consider employee satisfaction surveys when they put new business policies or develop new operations. That’s why employees can formulate their future by delivering a transparent survey without exaggeration or compliments.


How to Conduct an Employee Satisfaction Survey

Whatever the format was, conducting an employee survey satisfaction has to pass through 3 main phases:


1- Before Sending the Survey

  • Show their benefits

Employees should clearly know the objectives of the survey. They have the right to make sure that the survey respects their privacy through an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). This guarantees that their identities are confidential, whether their feedback was positive or negative.

  • Discuss the issues

Now, you determine the pain points that no doubt are the sources of lots of problems. Then, define the way of discussing them, either through direct or indirect questions.

  • Know your goals

You should also know the type of data you want to collect. Is it quantitative or qualitative? Quantitative data could show you the percentage of satisfaction, the department that contains the maximum number of satisfied employees, or others. Qualitative data will include specific comments, indications, and characteristics that are easily understood from the survey.

  • Choose the best way

All surveys are now online. Choose the survey builder that will help you with your work after data gathering finishes. The market has multiple choices that could be as simple as Google Forms for quick and effective results or could be more sophisticated like SurveyMonkey, make the choice based on your preferences and the need of the survey.


Besides the online survey, there’s an IVR survey through the phone, where the employee presses the phone numbers to express his feedback.


2- During Preparing the Questionnaire

  • Be authentic

After choosing the surveying tool and its main objective, you can now put the questions. Mix qualitative and quantitative questions. So, the survey could include questions like “What’s the best thing about your job?” or “To what extent do you like your job?” on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 means hate and 5 means adore. 

  • Use good analytics

Are there common traits between your employees? Are they bold? Conservative? Or else? Try to tailor the questions to give them the possible margin of freedom, that lets them answer questions clearly without anxiety. Let your employees talk!

  • Educate your graders well

Make sure that all employees are aware of how to deal with surveys. Provide them with instructions that allow employees to overcome any obstacles and face any challenges during filling out the survey.


3- After Collecting the Employee Satisfaction Surveys

It’s analysis time! What does the data indicate? Are your employees happy? Are there small issues or big problems? The Analysis is a major step, many decisions could be made based on it. The statistics and percentages will surely help you with every decision before taking, as you’ve understood your employees more.


Putting new policies, goals, or missions should be connected directly to the employee satisfaction survey. Employees will know the results of the surveys, and in what direction they will affect the enterprise. This adoption will build more and stronger transparent relationships with your employees.


Also, you can use this survey as a benchmark for your plan. Is there any development when you compare the results of the recent survey to the previous ones? Now you can assure whether the new features you add after every survey have a positive impact or not.


Employee Satisfaction Survey Questions

The questions usually deal with three kinds of questions. The first type discusses job conditions, tasks, and how hard it is. The second part highlights the company as a place, and tools source, including a group of colleagues whom you communicate and collaborate with. The third part asks the employee about how he sees the company’s values, vision, or mission. 

Click here to download the free questionary Template

The Conclusion

Employee satisfaction surveys are important to your business and should be part of your HR practices in the firm. Wondering how to create effective employee surveys that suit your business needs? Don’t worry! Whitecollars will do it for you. Email us at [email protected] and learn how we can make HR easy for your business.

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