How to Encourage Diversity in the Hiring Process

Workplace diversity has become a top priority and hot-button issue for every company seeking to hire. It has been so difficult to accomplish this. Is it because of talent pipeline issues or just unnoticeable biases? In this article, we focus on how you can encourage diversity in your hiring process.


Make diversity and inclusion part of your company culture

Companies tend to mainly hire people who are like them but if you become open-minded about hiring because someone has the right skills and talent, then diversity will be nurtured in your company and eventually be part of your culture.


Disregard criteria that would cause bias.

How you write your job descriptions greatly affects the type of candidates you attract hence the words you use on the job description should be carefully chosen. If you are targeting women, for example, avoid using language that will attract more male candidates. Also jettison any qualities that may turn away quality candidates such as years of experience, specific universities, or certain education curriculum.

Add a disclaimer to your job advertisement that your company is an equal employer and encourages people of different ages, gender, and race to apply.


Eliminate subconscious bias from your job specification.

If you want to attract candidates of all gender, ensure that you screen your job specification to ensure that it’s balanced and doesn’t use words that will be biased towards one gender. Thanks to technology, there are apps that can help you do this.


Expand your advertisement channels.

While referrals are a great way to get candidates, you might end up with the same type of people in your organization and this kills diversity. Ensure that when sourcing for candidates, you use different channels to advertise for your openings.


Ensure the shortlists list is diverse.

While shortlisting candidates, make sure that the list consists of people from different backgrounds and gender.


All the best when creating a diverse workplace! Remember if you need to hire for positions in your firm and need help, Whitecollars will handle it for you. Email us at [email protected]


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