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Sourcing Contract Employees for a Blockchain Company



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International Blockchain Consulting ltd (IBC)

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It’s a special case study as it includes long cooperation with a distinctive client, a Blockchain company that needed 10 vacancies to be filled within a certain time frame. Our client chose us based on the positive reviews we received from our past clients, besides, our extensive experience in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies industry. We welcomed this opportunity and were keen on starting the project. We listened carefully to the stakeholders’ demands, including the HR manager. The main scope was to build a pipeline of the top talents in the market across different positions without exceeding the time frame or the budget. We perfectly managed our time window to build a list of 300 qualified candidates across the 10 vacancies from different countries.

Rise to the Challenge

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency have been rising industries during the last 5 years, therefore, they’re competitive in the business market making every talent cautious about the next step. As the business develops faster, better opportunities are created. Injecting and sourcing interested candidates into our recruitment pipeline was our main objective. So, we sought every suitable platform that might have included the right candidates.


Looking for passive candidates is a 50/50 game, as the qualified candidates could be not interested in the end, 90% of the vacancies we offered here needed contractors, which made the vacancies attract higher interest. We’re not only professional recruiters but also excellent negotiators, which makes us the best choice for clients who need to sell a tough vacancy.


After sourcing and vetting, we contacted the fit candidates and interviewed them via video calls to scan their experience, interpersonal skills, and motivation. We covered all the competencies needed by our client using the meetings we had with the stakeholders as references. Our client had a 360 overview; we sent daily updates of our progress through their task manager.

Project Deliverables

We shortlisted the right candidates at the right time, and we finally met the deadlines as it was a crucial key performance indicator we needed to preserve. Any delay could affect our client from a business perspective. This put us in a stressful situation, but we did our job to the highest degree of quality.

The shortlist that we delivered to our client, transferred us to a new step, rate negotiation. We had long discussions with the chosen candidates trying to make a win-win deal for both parties, the candidate and the client. Not all of the candidates accepted the offered rate, therefore, we always had alternative candidates.

We accompanied our client through this 6-month journey to fully satisfy them, and make Whitecollars the first choice that comes to mind in recruitment and HR services. We supported our client during the onboarding process and supervised every step to make sure that candidates will be good hires and produce more success for the company.

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Time To Fill

18 days
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Client's Feedback

“Whitecollars helped us meet our deadlines by hiring the right people at the right time.”

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