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Liquify, a prominent e-commerce business and a recognized Shopify design, development, and marketing agency based in London, United Kingdom, engaged our services for their urgent recruitment needs. They approached us to hire a skilled SEO specialist from the UK to join their team. With a rich history in Shopify platform engagement since 2010, Liquify sought a candidate who could not only fulfill their SEO requirements but also possess an expert understanding of Shopify’s intricacies. The project had a short time frame of only one month, and there was an urgent need to fill the position within just two weeks.

Rise to the Challenge

Liquify presented us with a dual challenge. Firstly, they required the position to be filled within an exceptionally tight timeframe of just two weeks. Secondly, they sought a rare combination of SEO proficiency and specialized knowledge in the Shopify ecosystem, making the candidate pool considerably narrower. Meeting these challenges demanded efficient time management, a robust candidate screening process, and a deep understanding of both SEO and Shopify.


In response to Liquify’s urgent need, our team swiftly formulated an action plan that combined speed and precision. To ensure a high-quality match, we implemented a comprehensive recruitment strategy that involved multiple phases. We conducted an in-depth analysis of the job role, blending its SEO expertise requirement with Shopify-specific skills. This enabled us to craft a targeted job description that attracted candidates with the right blend of skills. Our team engaged in rigorous candidate sourcing, utilizing both our internal database and external networks to identify potential matches with a focus on the UK. This was followed by a stringent pre-screening process, including in-depth interviews and skill assessments to ensure the candidates not only met the technical requirements but also aligned with Liquify’s organizational values and culture.


The methodology included a systematic candidate search involving multi-channel outreach to potential candidates with expertise in SEO and Shopify. A rigorous screening process was devised to assess both technical SEO skills and a profound understanding of Shopify’s intricacies. This encompassed a detailed review of candidate resumes, in-depth interviews, and an evaluation of cultural alignment with Liquify. Furthermore, seamless collaboration with Liquify was maintained through regular communication to align our search with their evolving needs. This thorough methodology allowed us to shortlist the most promising candidates efficiently.

Project Deliverables

Liquify was pleased with our efficient workflow and the quality of candidates provided. We successfully hired a standout candidate who met their SEO and Shopify requirements seamlessly. Despite a tight two-week timeline, our streamlined process ensured prompt delivery without compromising candidate quality. We crafted a precise job description that attracted skilled candidates, and our rigorous screening process selected candidates aligned with Liquify’s values. We supported onboarding and provided ongoing assistance. This successful partnership not only filled Liquify’s immediate hiring need but also set the foundation for potential collaborations in the future.

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1 month
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“Their workflow was very effective.”

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