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Recruitment of Content Creator for a Fashion E-commerce Company


2 months

Targeted Location

London, United Kingdom



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Our client Allwears, is a prominent fashion e-commerce company specializing in sustainable wardrobe essentials, engaged our services to recruit content creators for their social media campaigns. They aimed to enhance their online presence and engage their target audience effectively. With a commitment to sustainability and an on-the-go lifestyle, the client sought content creators who could authentically represent their brand values.

Rise to the Challenge

The client’s challenge involved finding content creators who not only aligned with their sustainability ethos but also resonated with their target demographic while operating within a limited budget. This required efficient time management, robust candidate screening, and a deep understanding of both the fashion industry and the social media landscape.


In response to the client’s needs, we assigned a recruitment consultant with extensive experience in the fashion industry and a deep understanding of the client’s company ethos. Our comprehensive recruitment strategy involved multiple phases, including analysis of the job requirements, crafting targeted job descriptions, rigorous candidate sourcing, and stringent pre-screening processes to ensure alignment with the client’s brand.


Our methodology included systematic candidate search through multi-channel outreach, rigorous screening processes, and seamless communication with the client to align our search with their evolving needs. This thorough approach allowed us to identify and recruit content creators who seamlessly embodied the client’s brand values and engaged their target audience effectively.

Project Deliverables

The client was pleased with our efficient workflow and the quality of candidates provided. We successfully recruited content creators who not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. Despite the challenges, our streamlined process ensured prompt delivery without compromising quality. This successful partnership not only filled the client’s immediate hiring needs but also laid the foundation for potential collaborations in the future.

Project Metrics

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Time To Fill

1 month
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Client's Feedback

“Whitecollars has successfully found content creators that meet the client’s demographic and requirements. Their team is trustworthy, communicative, flexible, and hardworking, and their project management is excellent”

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