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Executive Search for On-Demand Delivery Application


2 Months

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Saudi Arabia



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Our client, Mrsool, commands a significant presence as a leading on-demand delivery application in the Middle East, celebrated for its swift and efficient service. In response to their urgent staffing needs, Whitecollars partnered with Mrsool to fill their hiring needs in Saudi Arabia.

Rise to the Challenge

Mrsool faced the formidable challenge of filling two critical positions: the F&B Vertical Head, a senior leadership role overseeing the food and beverage vertical, and the Customer Center Manager, responsible for leading customer service operations. These roles demanded not only exceptional expertise but also a profound understanding of Mrsool’s business model and customer-centric approach.
Given the seniority of these positions and Mrsool’s picky selection criteria, finding suitable candidates within a limited timeframe presented a significant challenge. The F&B Vertical Head needed to possess strategic vision, operational excellence, and extensive experience in the food and beverage industry. Meanwhile, the Customer Center Manager requires strong leadership skills, a deep commitment to customer satisfaction, and the ability to navigate complex service scenarios efficiently.
With time constraints looming and the need for specialized talent paramount, the challenge was significant. However, Whitecollars rose to the occasion, leveraging their industry insights and network to identify top-tier candidates who could meet Mrsool’s stringent criteria and drive the company’s success forward.


Recognizing the urgency and complexity of Mrsool’s requirements, Whitecollars mobilized its resources to deliver tailored solutions. In response to the time-sensitive nature of the recruitment process, our dedicated recruitment consultants operated around the clock, ensuring that Mrsool’s needs were addressed promptly and efficiently.
Understanding the need for a proactive approach, we implemented a headhunting plan targeting key competitors in the market. Leveraging our extensive network and industry insights, we identified top talent within Mrsool’s competitors and reached out to them directly, presenting the unique opportunities available at Mrsool and highlighting the company’s compelling value proposition.
This proactive approach not only enabled us to access a pool of highly qualified candidates but also demonstrated our commitment to going above and beyond to meet Mrsool’s staffing needs effectively. By combining traditional recruitment methods with innovative headhunting strategies, we ensured that Mrsool had access to the best talent available in the market.


We initiated a thorough assessment of candidates’ qualifications, experience, and cultural alignment to determine their suitability for the roles. This assessment was followed by a rigorous screening process, which included multi-layered, in-depth interviews and competency-based assessments tailored to each role’s specifications. Concurrently, we executed strategic headhunting initiatives, specifically targeting Mrsool’s biggest competitors in the market. Leveraging our industry expertise and extensive network, we identified and engaged with top-tier talent, ensuring that Mrsool had access to the best candidates available. Throughout the process, we remained dedicated to providing tailored solutions aligned with Mrsool’s unique requirements and company culture, fostering continuous communication and collaboration to facilitate a seamless recruitment process. Through our approach, we ensured that Mrsool had access to top-tier talent capable of driving the company’s success forward.

Project Deliverables

We successfully delivered a selection of candidates who met Mrsool’s stringent criteria. Among these candidates were two exceptional individuals appointed to critical positions within Mrsool. Remarkably, both candidates were sourced from Mrsool’s biggest competitors, showcasing our ability to identify and attract top talent from within the industry.

Project Metrics

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Time To Fill

1 month
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Client's Feedback

Mrsool expressed utmost satisfaction with our recruitment efforts. They praised our proactive approach, attention to detail, and ability to deliver candidates who exceeded expectations. The seamless communication and transparent collaboration throughout the process further underscored our commitment to excellence. 

The client said, “They really understood the roles I needed and got them 100% correct.” 

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