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An Executive Search for Education Discovery Hub

An Executive Search for Education Discovery Hub


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Our client is a startup that finds the best higher education opportunities that match the knowledge and needs of high school students in Africa. Through a referral, our client reached us and clarified that the startup’s situation needed a CTO who would have also participated in co-founding the company. The startup’s core objective encouraged us to believe in the value they add and we started the project immediately.

Rise to the Challenge

At the peak of Covid-19, it’s hard for anyone to leave his job to start a new unguaranteed journey with a startup. We haven’t faced a challenge that big before, however, Whitecollars has a solution for every issue and nothing can stop us! We looked for risk-taker candidates who would break into the challenge with a bold spirit.


Besides boldness, we looked for the qualifications the client had requested. Candidates should have a wide experience with Education technology, IT, and Ruby on Rails software. The client’s budget was limited, and the salary offered was low compared to that in the market. We did our executive search through every international job board, especially those containing executives whose experience combines tech and education. The countries we gave our concern to find qualified candidates were emerging markets like: Angola, Ukraine, Malaysia, Canada, Russia, South Africa and Hong Kong.


After sourcing a good number of suitable profiles, we have conducted preliminary interviews to assess the candidates’ suitability and shortlist those who match the job requirements.

Project Deliverables

We delivered a list of qualified and experienced CTOs to our client for further selection interviews. The client was extremely happy with the findings and was able to fill the vacancy within the required timeframe.

Project Metrics

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Time To Fill

30 Days
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Client Feedback

“Their flexibility was impressive.”

To check our client’s feedback, you can visit our profile on Clutch

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