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Kagool is a leading global data & analytics and ERP company based in the West Midlands, UK, that specializes in providing top-notch integration solutions and consultancy services to its clients worldwide. Our collaboration with Kagool began in 2020 when they sought our expertise to navigate the intricacies of launching their operations in the United States. Their requirements encompassed various aspects of HR management, including recruitment, payroll, administrative processes, and employee support. Furthermore, they expressed the need for an ad hoc HR expert to address queries from their newly onboarded American employees as well as oversee remote workers and contractors’ contractual matters.

Rise to the Challenge

Our collaboration with Kagool presented several significant challenges. One key hurdle was the need for rapid communication due to the urgency of the project. To address this, we embedded our HR consultant directly into Kagool’s communication system, ensuring swift and seamless information exchange. Additionally, as Kagool expanded to the US, we had to navigate the complex landscape of compliance and regulations in a new jurisdiction, ensuring that all HR practices adhered to local laws and regulations.


In response to Kagool’s requirements, we assigned a seasoned HR consultant to spearhead the comprehensive suite of HR consulting services. This professional seamlessly integrated into Kagool’s communication platform, offering real-time responses to employee inquiries and addressing emergent HR concerns. For Kagool’s American expansion, we developed and implemented strategies for effective hiring procedures. We managed the entire employee lifecycle, from meticulously handling recruitment processes to managing payroll systems and contractual matters for both local and remote staff members. Our holistic approach extended to the management of healthcare systems and 401k programs for employees based in the USA, ensuring comprehensive support for their financial and well-being needs.


Our approach was rooted in a meticulous and tailored methodology aligned with Kagool’s needs. We began by conducting an in-depth analysis of their operations and HR requirements, identifying pain points and areas for improvement. Based on this assessment, we formulated a comprehensive plan that included the entire range of services needed. This strategic plan allowed us to effectively manage hiring procedures, payroll systems, remote workers, and administrative processes. By embedding our HR consultant within Kagool’s communication system, we ensured swift and continuous support, while our comprehensive knowledge of US HR regulations allowed us to manage compliance intricacies with confidence. Additionally, our commitment to flexibility empowered us to address unforeseen challenges promptly, contributing to seamless and successful project execution.

Project Deliverables

Our strategic partnership with Kagool yielded exceptional outcomes that met and exceeded their expectations, expressing high satisfaction with the quality of work delivered. Kagool appreciated the value of paying for our HR consultant’s actual working hours, which provided a cost-effective alternative to a full-time resource. We expertly managed the intricacies of the US payroll system, ensuring timely and accurate compensation for employees. Our on-demand HR expert swiftly addressed employees’ inquiries, fostering a positive and supportive work environment. Additionally, we efficiently managed remote workers and contractors’ contractual matters, optimizing workforce flexibility. Our comprehensive administrative support streamlined internal processes, freeing up Kagool’s resources to focus on core business activities. Furthermore, by overseeing healthcare systems and 401k programs, we contributed to enhancing employee well-being and financial security, cementing our role as a trusted HR partner in Kagool’s global expansion journey.

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