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LTD Global is a company in San Francisco, California, that specializes in providing accounting, HR, talent recruiting, administrative and technology services, and back-office support to small and mid-size businesses worldwide. They approached us with a specific need for HR consulting and advice, particularly regarding employment laws in specific countries. They have partnerships in Germany and the UK. One of their German partners, the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO), required assistance in understanding and managing compliance laws and regulations. Our task was to provide comprehensive documentation and coaching on international employment and compliance laws to ensure that LTD Global could navigate these complexities correctly and create redundancy plans for their workforce in Germany while adhering to legal requirements.

Rise to the Challenge

The project faced several challenges. Firstly, the implementation of redundancy plans had to be carried out during the COVID-19 pandemic, requiring compliance with labor laws and regulations specific to the pandemic’s circumstances. Privacy and sensitivity were critical factors when dealing with such a sensitive topic, as the process could potentially impact employees and businesses. Secondly, the project required a consultant with expertise in German labor law to navigate the complexities of redundancy and dismissal. The consultant had the responsibility of protecting employees from arbitrary issues and ensuring compliance with labor laws. This involved engaging with affected individuals and negotiating appropriate agreements while adhering to legal requirements throughout the process.


To address the client’s needs, we assigned a highly skilled HR compliance expert with expertise in German labor law. This consultant conducted a thorough analysis of each employee’s situation and provided guidance on decision-making related to dismissals. Working closely with the client, we drafted specific documents required for the redundancy process, ensuring compliance with German labor law. Simultaneously, we extended our support to LTD Global Partnership in the UK, where we focused on developing comprehensive employment contracts, defining salary structures, designing compensation and benefits schemes, and creating an employee handbook. To assist with the UK requirements, an HR expert with in-depth knowledge of UK labor law and compliance was assigned, ensuring adherence to local regulations and catering to the unique needs of the UK partnership.


Our methodology involved a comprehensive analysis of the employment landscape in both Germany and the UK. By leveraging the expertise of our HR compliance experts, we provided tailored guidance and support to ensure compliance during the redundancy and dismissal processes. We maintained close collaboration with the client, actively seeking their input to tailor redundancy plans and dismissal processes to their specific needs. Clear communication channels were established to foster effective collaboration throughout the project. Regular updates, consultations, and feedback sessions ensured that the client’s objectives were consistently aligned with the project’s progress. This iterative approach allowed us to address any concerns or modifications promptly, ensuring a successful outcome.

Project Deliverables

The effectiveness of our communication, our responsiveness, and the quality of our consulting services left a lasting impression on the client. Our documentation and guidance played a crucial role in facilitating the client’s progress and enabling them to move forward with confidence. The project deliverables included comprehensive redundancy plans that complied with German labor laws. Additionally, we provided employment contracts, structured compensation schemes, and an employee handbook for the client’s UK operations. The client expressed great satisfaction with the deliverables, acknowledging the significant contribution of our consultants to their HR initiatives. With our support, they were well-prepared to navigate international employment and compliance laws, ensuring the smooth execution of their redundancy plans and the overall success of their HR operations.

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