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Various Positions Recruitment for an Amazon Selling Firm


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This a new recruitment case study, and we’ll deal with numerous vacancies needed by our client, so this makes us illustrate them individually, to follow our steps with the project and get every detail covered.

Our client was a home and kitchen goods eCommerce firm that needed many vacancies to be filled. This required a lot of intensive effort and time to reach our goals and achieve our client’s expectations, and definitely, we didn’t let them down. The project included 14 vacancies, they varied between Customer Service Representatives, Webmasters, Financial Controller, and Supply Chain Managers.

Every position we dealt with took the same procedure and same techniques, the differences only came from the qualifications and the nature of the position, which makes them the major variable, besides, the years of experience. All positions should have enough experience in eCommerce B2C and know how to deal with an Amazon store.

Rise to the Challenge

After we carefully listened to our client, we found out some challenges that will block our way or make us move a bit slower. One of the challenging conditions the client put was the English accent of the Customer Service Representative! The client did not want to hire a candidate from an English-speaking country e.g., the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, etc.., and preferred candidates from countries where they can pay cost-effective salaries.

A Customer Service Representative there had two major responsibilities; the first one was responding to the customers through phone calls in English. He/she should have a clear voice that doesn’t show an accent, this makes his/her words understandable to the customers, whatever their nationalities are.

For the Financial Controller position we faced ambiguity related to budget and requirements, this pushed us to conduct several meetings with our client to inquire about the information that is crucial to us. Through developing effective communication, we determined the range of the salary the client targets as well as the qualifications.


We screened candidates in Africa, Eastern Europe, and even Asia to find the best Customer Service Representatives. In parallel, we focused on the second responsibility the candidate should have, which is responding to the customer’s messages using professional and clear English. The candidate should have fast typing skills as well.

Worth to be noted that the client asked for a Supply Chain Manager, which is an essential role at any eCommerce company, we sourced individuals from USA, Europe, and Asia who deal with 3PL (Third Party Logistics) to either store or ship products or even both.

Our client also asked us to look for candidates who have rich experience with Large eCommerce businesses having wide operations and plentiful customers. Our main goal was sourcing and screening qualified candidates.

In our sourcing and screening processes for the Webmaster vacancy, we considered our client’s requirements. This is the employee who is in charge of the Amazon store, he/she takes the responsibility for every detail and manages a complete team of professionals and experts to build a website that could be always seen and attractive to be clicked on.


As an HR agency we needed to evaluate the typing skills the Customer Service Representatives have, so we developed a scenario to simulate a real-life complaint the candidate could meet in his work. Using an online instant messaging platform, we texted the candidate to recognise the responses, behaviors, and reactions. We included every written message in our final report.

We used other scientific and highly effective methods to evaluate different competencies related to the listed vacancies, which by the end proved its success in the project results.

Project Deliverables

We provided our client with the shortlist of the best Customer Service Representaive Candidates that included the best candidates we screened, in addition to the recommendations and comments we developed related to every highly qualified candidate.

Also, we presented a shortlist of Webmasters who could manage website SEO, put content strategies to guide content writers, and support content by suggesting creative designs that a graphic designer puts in. Webmasters could put an eye on the website’s security, no credentials could be hacked, as well as no link being broken, and the page loads easily with no lag. The candidates have front-end development skills as well.

As well as, we delivered the client Financial Controllers carrying CPA (Certified Public Accountants), they earned certificates and licences that qualify them to do accounting functions. The chosen candidate would be responsible for monitoring the cash flow, recording incomes and expenses, managing payrolls, and dealing with revenue that comes from individuals, not entities.

As a Recruitment firm‘s team, we proudly offered the best candidates for filling the Supply Chain Manager vacancy, and were able to put a strategy that optimizes cost and time during different stages of operations, including sourcing material vendors, purchasing products, monitoring production, storing, shipping, etc.

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