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In this case study, we’ll deal with numerous vacancies needed by our client, so this makes us illustrate them individually, to follow our steps with the project and get every detail covered.

Our client was a SaaS company that provides educational technologies “EdTech” for university students in the form of virtual labs. They provide students with virtual experiments to observe the results and conclude the facts.

The majority of the SaaS company’s clients were universities, and it decided to attract schools to apply the same successful experience with them. That’s why they chose us and put their belief in us to recruit them the best candidates for the vacancies they need to achieve the desired growth.

We have worked on 2 different strategies simultaneously which are to headhunt the passive candidates who highly match the job requirements and also attract the active job seekers who are looking for a job.

Here, we seamlessly filled numerous vacancies with top-tier candidates, spanning roles such as 3D Artists, High School Marketing Managers, Inbound Sales Executives, and Product Marketing Managers. Leveraging our expertise as Marketing Executive Recruiters, the process was not just efficient but also enjoyable for our team.

Rise to the Challenge

The tightness of the pool, especially that of 3D Artists, affected our sourcing process and made us intensify it, where we usually deliver our clients a sample batch of candidates, and then we receive our client’s review to determine the candidates who match their needs, we do this step once in most cases to be 100% sure about client’s way of thinking.

As an “HR firm”, we firmly believe in the potential of each candidate. That’s why we went the extra mile, delivering multiple batches of candidates to ensure precision in targeting and securing highly qualified individuals within an expedited timeframe.


We sourced qualified 3D Artists from Copenhagen, Denmark, and we reached out to many candidates who work at one of the most popular video game companies. The main challenge we faced was the tightness of the candidates’ pool.

Our client also requested a High School Marketing Manager, so we started looking for candidates that actually know the needs of the high school students and organisations. This knowledge makes the Marketing Manager the best person who attracts the right schools at the right time to the right solution.

We reached the right candidate who could deal with digital educational materials in order to rise a step higher in the SaaS industry and achieve extraordinary results.

As our client needed an Inbound Sales Executive based in Boston, we utilized our “Executive Search service” and sourced numerous candidates who’re able to carry out product demos, manage leads, build relationships with them, and qualify them gradually to close deals. We accessed a perfect pool of candidates in Boston, we even headhunted candidates from a popular inbound marketing software company in Boston.

On another hand, we scanned the suitable pools to find Product Managers who are aware of tech, virtual reality, and SaaS specifically. The candidates were able to put the major marketing objectives, define the client’s needs, and put a vision for the product that speaks to the client’s mind. The candidates we selected were experienced in tech, UX, and business indeed to make marketing serve them all.


Our client’s virtual lab consists mainly of 3D designs that illustrate the lab, workplaces, studied materials, tools, and supporting objects, and also present characters who illustrate professors, assistants, students, or even nurses. We asked the qualified 3D Artists for samples, designs, and prototypes that we included in the file of each qualified candidate to be part of the final deliverables and reviewed again by the client.

With every other vacancy, we’ve put a tailored strategy for analysis and selection that meets the qualifications, skills, and competencies required by the client and covers the job description.

Project Deliverables

We delivered our shortlisted candidates with detailed feedback including recommendations, distinctive competencies, special skills, qualifications, salary expectations, notice period, and the candidates’ motive to move.

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30 days
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