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Recruitment of Tech Video Tutors for IT Company


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Our client is a technology consultancy company that implemented a new program, aimed to deliver training as a service in the form of online courses. Each course contains a group of videos that cover certain topics in IT. Therefore, the company needed 11 Course Authors who are subject matter experts and have experience authoring online courses from scratch. Considering us a top-tier recruitment agency, the client believed that we would be their go-to partner.

Rise to the Challenge

Finding experts, who are skilled in different topics such as python, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other topics was not that hard. The real challenge we faced was the rate offered by the client, it was a little lower than the market’s actual rates which deprived us of too many good candidates who were not interested because of the low rate.


To solve the challenge, we had to source qualified candidates from every available general job board and specialised portal, as well as targeting countries where the offered rates can be competitive. So we turned our search for candidates in the following countries: Russia, China, Pakistan, Ukraine, Romania, Egypt, Italy and India, Greece.


Our screening phase included an interview in which the candidate illustrated his skills, previous experiences, and career objectives. Then, the candidate conducted an audition to present a preview of the course so we can assess his/her teaching skills, and relevant interpersonal skills, as well as how good the candidate is at delivering knowledge.

Project Deliverables

The shortlist, we provided to our client, was supported by a comprehensive report on every candidate for the client to choose the most suitable candidate to move forward for further selection steps.

Project Metrics

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Time To Fill

15 Days
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Client's Feedback

“We found Whitecollars’ approach to sourcing candidates to be very efficient and one that brings results.”

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