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Our client is a fashion retailer that was in need of Store Managers to lead the staff and control the operation inside the women’s fashion retail stores located in Saudi Arabia. The main request was to recruit 19 female Saudi Store Managers across different stores in the kingdom to achieve the Saudisation program. The Store Managers’ responsibilities include monitoring the day-to-day operations of the store, making sure every detail is in its place, and every process moves smoothly. They deal with section supervisors, indoor sales teams, and warehouse staff. They prevent any inconvenience that could face the customer by facilitating the purchase and making every available product easy to access and observe.

Rise to the Challenge

Recruiting a Saudi female Store Manager was not that easy as most of the candidates we reached out to discuss the opportunity did not want to work in a store because of the conservative Saudi culture. This made recruiting females for this position difficult. Despite the challenging situation, we were capable of solving any challenge related to executive search that could show up.


As a retail recruitment agency, we wisely managed our workforce in every possible direction. We determined the online platforms that we will source potential candidates from and maximized the reaching out process by looking for passive and active candidates in parallel which resulted in generating a good number of suitable candidates.


We have scanned all the available job boards and portals to generate a list of candidates who match the job requirements. Moreover, we have developed 2 layers of selection steps, the first step was an initial call to determine whether the candidate possesses the must-to-have criteria, while the second step was a video call interview to dig more into the candidate’s experience, interpersonal skills, and characteristics.

Project Deliverables

We delivered our client the shortlist that includes best-fit candidates, with the needed specifications. This experience was a great addition to our portfolio as a retail recruitment agency as it was a project that included many challenges, and it was a distinctive step with local recruitment and localization policies.

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6 days
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