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Customer Service and Team Administrator

Full Time
Posted 6 months ago

Our client, a leading healthcare organization, is dedicated to modern healthcare solutions. With a rich history and a patient-centric approach, they provide high-quality medical services and embrace cutting-edge technology. As an independent healthcare provider, they prioritize patient care and are committed to excellence in the United Kingdom and beyond. They are specialized in automated prescription collection (APC) machines that offer 24/7 access to prescription medicines across the UK. In partnership with manufacturers, they design and develop APC machines to enhance pharmacy efficiency and ensure a safe collection environment.

Job Description

As a Customer Service and Team Administrator, you’ll play a vital role in our daily operations, serving as the linchpin for customer satisfaction and efficient administrative processes. Your dedication and skills can significantly impact our company’s success and growth in the future.


The Customer Service and Team Administrator role encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities that are critical to the company’s operations. This dynamic role involves:

• Customer Interaction: Provide customer support through phone and email, addressing inquiries related to our client’s automated prescription collection machines, installation, and ongoing service and maintenance.
• Ticket Management: Record and manage customer inquiries, entering them into a Customer Resource Management system for efficient tracking and resolution.
• Product Knowledge: Develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s products to assist customers with operational issues and provide effective solutions.
 Team Support: Collaborate with team members to contribute to the successful execution of various projects.
• Dispatch and Communication: Arrange the dispatch of information or goods to customers as required. When necessary, forward inquiries to specialists for more in-depth assistance.
 Record Keeping: Maintain accurate and organized records of all customer interactions and inquiries.
• Training: Assist in the training of new staff members to ensure they are well-prepared for their roles.
• Office-Based Role: The role is based in an office, with a primary responsibility for managing the customer service desk.
• Technology Utilization: Extensive use of a headset and computer for telephone inquiries and email responses.


• A good general education is beneficial, up to 3 subjects at National 4 or 5, including English and Math.
• Relevant experience may be prioritized over formal qualifications.
• Previous experience in dealing with the public within the healthcare environment is advantageous.
• Strong organizational skills and attention to detail are essential.
• Proficiency in computer systems and the ability to operate commonly used software is required.
• Proficiency in CRM systems, with experience in Zoho being advantageous (but not essential).


• Excellent attention to detail.
• Good communication.
• Prioritizing, organizational, and time management skills.
• Analytical / problem solving.

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