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Posted 11 months ago

About our client:

Our client is a dynamic tech company specializing in digital solutions, such as websites and SaaS marketing tools, for small and medium-sized businesses. Their mission is to empower businesses by enhancing their online presence and facilitating online growth.

About the role:

As part of an 8-member team, you will report directly to the Founder. The company seeks a candidate with expertise in developing innovative campaigns that maximize the impact of marketing budgets through creative strategies. The ideal candidate should possess quantifiable achievements and demonstrate experience in serving the American market.

Additionally, they should exhibit creativity and provide evidence of technical marketing skills, such as data analysis or coding for landing pages. This opportunity is open to candidates residing in Latam, Europe, and the US. Preference will be given to those with previous experience in the SaaS sector, particularly with a focus on micro and small businesses. Candidate can be from anywhere located between the East Coast and Europe Will be working Mon-Fri 9-6 their local time

IMPORTANT! They must have served the US market and have excellent English language skills.

What’s the opportunity?

We are seeking a highly creative and results-driven Lead Generation & Conversion Specialist to develop innovative strategies for generating and converting leads for our client. This role requires expertise in creating effective lead magnets, referral programs, AI-generated tools, and marketing to a US audience. The ideal candidate will excel at creating broad awareness for our client’s brand among small business owners.


  • Develop and implement inventive lead generation strategies, both online and offline, generating thousands of high-quality leads monthly.
  • Design digital campaigns for lead conversion, utilizing lead magnets, referral programs, and Al-generated lead generation tools.
  • Boost our client’s brand awareness among small business owners through creative marketing.
  • Collaborate with other teams to align marketing campaigns with our client’s business objectives.
  • Hit monthly KPIs for sales.

Must Haves:

  •  Proven success in lead generation conversion and marketing to a US audience
  •  Familiarity with the SaaS and website development industries is a plus
  • Creative strategy thinking & good attention to detail
  •  Experience working with micro and small businesses


● Training is available

● Remote working

● Big growth opportunities

● Yearly review with a possible salary increase

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